Friday, 16 April 2010

Isn’t advertisements making more noise than sound these days!

The advertisements that are aired currently on television simply lack the creativity, content and innovation. The appeal for any product is just not been able to communicate effectively, whatsoever. Companies are now spending more on buying advertisement space (slots) rather than innovating and capturing mind space of viewers. They are bombarding ads with poor content on television.

The Havell’s adv where a person is shown given capital punishment makes no connection with the product. The godrej Jio safety systems adv with all graphics fails to impress. Pepsi’s "Youngistan Ka Wow" make little impact when you compare with the amount company has spent to rope in the two stars. The Zoozoo created by Vodafone was a big hit during last IPL season. But now the company seems to be dragging the concept, covering up the creativity gap. The IDEA Ungli cricket tops my list of failed creativity. What a waste! How many people are actually buying Idea connection for the same, or how many are giving answer to those dumb questions! The HDFC insurance ad where two friends are travelling in taxi, one about to leave the country is again not impressive.

On the other hand, Sprits ads are really cool. The one with “he just love dogs” and the recent one shown in Advasi setup make sense as an audience. Yes, the Tata Tea “Jaago re” ads are cool and meaningful. The likes of “Centre Shock” ads and the creativity of Happydent white chewing gum ads are just not comparable with any ad currently aired. The Airtel music and the one which had lot of lines “conspire, inspire, confession, celebration…” wasn’t that just amazing! Or the “AAla re…, aala re, aala re – soft drink company Pepsi Co’s ad featuring Tendulkar was an instant hit. The Fevicol ad “pakede rehna... chodna nahi...” where a man is trying to save a woman, only to see her falling as a carpenter lifts Fevicol bucket kept above the television or the one in which creaky bus is shown with unimaginable number of passengers holding/hanging with the bus! Feviquick ad were a fisherman applies feviquick on a stick and catches fishes as soon as he puts that stick in water. The Cloromint Panwari ad was so humorous.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Hope the creativity quotient is back in the advertisements, may be after the IPL saga is over. Companies should try to capture mind space of viewers. By the way, I would love to know which ones are your favorite or is on top of your mind!


  1. Hey good one....i really like ads esp print ads(Even posted on the best ever in my list)...talking about TV ads i feel the feviquick one is just made a lasting impression...That kinda of creativity has been lost to mindless stuff like the Youngistan ka wow and Ungli cricket ads which are bland.

  2. nice post man..really liked the way it's communicated...
    rite now the limca new ad is in my mind...tottaly occupied with it...i feel the coolness in it...earlier it was coke's ad..loved it tooo...

  3. @methodinmymadness: Totally agree with you!

  4. @Rohini: Yeah the limca one is also good... Thnx for your comment... ;)

  5. Right now i like the one in which the grandson blackmails his granny (METLIFE...i think).Fevicol was great ,if i remember right they had this one too where a toddler keeps on running away while his mom is working.

    Nice post .

  6. @Chocolate Lover: Thnx a lot!

    @kavita: Thnx a lot for appreciating! Yes you are right about that fevicol one...

  7. in spite of the poor quality... commercials are the only few things watchable on Indian television(at least of Indian produce).

  8. today only i saw two totally senseless adds back to back... that makes me wonder where are the creators of Fevicol and airtel adds... they are class apart ...

  9. @Amropali: Yeah on Indian television... the ads are pathetic and the break between ads are even worse!

  10. Hey!!
    How have you been?
    Thanks for your comment :)
    I like the Tata Tea ads. Jago India ones :)
    And I so hate shampoo ads cause it's all fake X(
    Do check out my new post!
    Take care :)

  11. ♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫: I am good... wassup with ya these days?

    Yeah shampoo ones doesnt make sense to me either!

    Will check your post... thnx for the comment!

  12. The cheesiest Ad award goes goes to the "Akshay Kumar Dollar Club" vest ad.

  13. @Purba: Yeah, I agree... ;)



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