Sunday, 24 January 2010


My heart sinks when I read about students hanging themselves or jumping infront of a running train and kill themselves. Mostly the reason is studies and the pressure to score high in exams. Peer pressure. "99% marks laaoge to ghadi, varna chhadi..."
Not everyone can take same amount of pressure. If students are killing themselves, I believe it is the solely responsibility of parents more than teachers. No one knows a child better than parents. A mother know what her crying baby wants. So, when the kids grow up, it is the duty of the parents to push their kids only to an extent they can handle. I call it the baloon effect: there is always a pressure limit, when crossed, bursts! Tell them stories, to keep them motivated and make them fit for facing challenges boldly. Set achievable targets. Escapism is easy but thats really isnt what we want to do, when we take birth as human beings.

In the movie 3Idiots, it is shown that the character hung himself because he was denied of extension of time and another change to showcase his project. And Aamir khan does it within time, thinking outof box. But the by the time it was ready, the student has already quit from the world. He failed to believe in himself. And in that scene the audience realises that he should have kept on going , it was within the horizon. Ofcourse, it was movie and so aamir could do it, but in real life too, things arent out of control most of the times. It is the decision we take, decides the fate!

Life isnt easy. It brings difficulties of different variations for different people. Lot of times, we need to think from a macro perspective rather than looking at the issue constantly. Lot of times we need to take a break, indulge into something else and get back to our study/work afresh. We get only one life, we need to make most of it, almost everytime!

I think todays generation who are in schools, are unfit to handle pressure is:
they hardly go out to play on play grounds. We were lucky in this regards, I use to play for 2 hours daily after school in the evening. I skipped homeworks, I skipped assignment, but the mind was fit for handling the pressure. Todays generation is glued to internet as soon as they come home. I have seen my cousins discussing home work via scraping on orkut. They think joining "I dont like doing homework", "My class teacher is dumb", communities is cool. I started using it when I was in graduation. Orkut, Facebook and other social websites evolved much later. Twitter is the latest thing. Cell phone was given to me in graduation 2nd year, after lot of pleadings.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: The system is not to blame. Study course and material is never to blame. The environment and ecology is to be blamed. The parents are to be blamed that they are not allowing kids to play and choose their area of interest. Children should be feed with motivational stories. They should be shaped into a better and allround personality and not just class toppers or high achievers.


  1. I totally agree! I m making my dad read this!!!

  2. Thnx Pooja! :) Do let me know what your dad says. His comments would be valuable.

  3. Well Said... and try to create links for ur post rather than posting ur every new post on same page.... try 2 make ur page small with many links...

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)
    Glad you liked it.
    I love Dark Chocolate :D
    Do visit again!!
    Take care

  5. :))

    its true.... but some how I feel its the mass.... and when mass following is there... many few could actually be out of it...

    look at we the young generation...
    even we are addicted to it...once out of office... open ur laptop... at home and there u r doing...chatting gossiping...

    its more of the env we have given to them....

  6. @ Juhi... Yes I will!

    @ Chakoli... agreed with your perspective. Hope to see you around!

  7. hi karan!
    thanks for dropping by my blog! ^_^

    about the post.. what to say.. few days ago I was also thinking to end my life cause of failing in the half yearly exam (this was the first time I failed in my life) that's why but then..
    aal is well :))

  8. @ Chocolate lover!
    It is really not the way to deal life. You know, life is beautiful.
    Life is like a boat in an ocean and you got to sail through! No matter what, just hold on to it and things will be fine. After some time, retrospectively, you will find things are brilliant!

    Fear of failure, peer pressure, competition, breakoffs are part of life.

    Keep cool, smile and enjoy!... ;)

  9. i use my female friends for getting always works!!

    I was also good at making up stuff..i could write long answers without head and tail..and still clear the exam..

  10. My guess is...that if one opens up to the fact that...there is a way out...and looks for will be found.

    If there are idiots who want to commit suicide..pass them on to me...i'll explain how stupid idea that is.

  11. @санжог: Completely agreed!

  12. Agree!
    Electronic gadgets are making children mechanical..they're missing the wonderful part of their lives.
    You wont let this happen to your children no? ;)

  13. I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree wit u tat parents are solely responsible. They always want to show their friends, neighbors.... tat their son/daughter is the best like she joined iit/nit/some medical college... They never think abt their capacity...

    Internet, gaming also has some part in it.. physical activity is getting reduced...



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