Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I am proud to be an Indian but not so proud with the way government is currently functioning. The budget is around and every stake holder is contemplating as to what it is going to be like. The country is in a situation it was never before with scams, corruptions, inflation and the list goes on, all around. Everytime a scam comes in light, the magnitude hits next level and politicians - the lowest.

I am tired of listening "the government should do 'something' this time" by the big shots on tv. I will be straight forward with you. Understand that the common people have VOTED you in hope that it will be 'for the people'.

As a 25 years young Indian who is contributing to the collection of tax department every year without actually knowing what happens with that money, I expect only two things from you. I understand you run a coalition government so pick-up 'any one area' out of the following and show some improvement in next one year - corruption, inflation, agriculture, Food wastage, pending scams and execution of policies for critical industries for growth. The second thing that I want is - choose any one attribute and ensure that only 10% of it is adhered by all ministers - Accountability and Transparency. The choices are difficult and so I am asking only 10% adherence.

The best planners are there with you, can we know what is your plan for the remaining tenure? Reforms done in 1992 are like 20 years old, can you propel a reform that we would be proud of 20 years hence.

The heart wants to go on and on - the plight of railways is unbearable but today I will leave you here itself.

Please let the country know what two choices you have made from the above mentioned options. I am not expecting a reply for this letter but I would be keenly watching your actions for next one year to make out what you chose.

Best regards,
Karan Agrawal

(The same letter has been 'posted' via CNNIBN site...)


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