Friday, 3 September 2010

Fashionable Delhi!

Tale of Two Cities (Part Two)


Delhizens love to live in style. Some let sophistication speak for them and others believe in the theory of more is less! And if you thought the word ‘fashion’ is limited to the wardrobe of a Delhizen, then you got to live here to see how the word works around. Fad for fashion can be seen in the mobiles we use, cars we drive, gym we use and how do we exercise!

Food also makes a fashion statement here, where to eat to what is the hottest selling dish in town. Consider this; we gave India its national dish ‘butter chicken’ and even created an Indianised version of Chinese cuisine and call it ‘Chinjabi’. We could be a contender for the top most sushi consuming city outside Japan and gol guppas got a new meaning when flavoured water was replaced by vodka. 360 at The Oberoi is the most fashionable coffee shop in town where you don't go because it has the most exotic & lavish menu but to have the likes of Rahul Gandhi as fellow diners. There are two reasons for a place to become popular in Delhi, It is the best in its specialty or is high on social scales; O’ neva mind about the name, it depends on where is the freebie party tonight ;).

And to make it to the Pg3 column next day all you need to do is air-kiss- muwah! Muah! Take-up profession of an artist, writer, designer, model or claim to be a rich socialite and you will get an entry to the city’s full-on fashion frat scene and will be there on addressed as gliterarti or literarti. Art and theatre too became hot among Delhizens after they became ‘must-be seen’ at places.

What we wear and from where we buy is another high point. When Zara opened its doors in Delhi the store sales on the first weekend reported by reliable sources was more Rs. 55 lac. I visited the store and fail to understand if all that fuss was about that stuff which looked like second’s ka maal. But then, I looked around and realized the latest fad these days is to walk around in your bedroom attire, ganji, shorts and slippers with unmade hair and well manicured nails!

We looooove to show off! An observation based survey proves Delhi has the highest number of total paisa lutao shaddis, high on glam quotient. Gupta, Jain, Khanna wedding will make it to news because they got a ‘B’ town B-class actress to stand by the newly-weds. Of course they are also the ones who buy the top-end designer wear.

Delhizens have created trends that make a statement and speak for the city and its niche aspects! Here are the latest top ones;

  • Book caf├ęs
  • Tea Houses where you can also do a tasting of the most exotic flavours
  • Fashion shows for hotel launches to charity events
  • Farm house weddings with minimum ten functions
  • High on glam parties with a mix of expats, glitterati & literati
  • Fab India Kurtas, Jeans & jhola, designer labels
  • Wine & cheese evenings
  • Select City Walk Mall & shopping where you have all top International brands under one roof

Forever in fashion

  • Shopping at Khan Market & Connaught Place, Chandi Chowk
  • Dilli Haat
  • India Habitat Centre for best of everything from the world of art/music/films/theatre …
  • Indian Ocean rock band
  • Karims for Mughlai, Kwality for choley Bhature, UPSC for Chaat, Oh Calcutta for Bengali food, Big Chill for the yummiest desserts, shakes and more grub, D’Pauls for cold coffee and Wengers for everything on its menu
  • Delhi Metro
  • Jahan-e-Khusrau festival
  • Walks in Lodhi Garden & India Gate

Author of this post came to Delhi when a trip to CP was high point of a holiday, shopping meant hob-knobbing at the state emporias’, ‘21 Love’ & ‘Hot Chocolate Fudge’ at Nirula’s were the most sort after flavours of ice cream! Since then she has attended a fair number of Pg3 dos and has witnessed all that has been listed in the post. She enjoys the buzz but prefers to be an observer. Shop only at Vintage in CP as that’s the only place she finds regular waist, straight-fit Levis. Even the store manager tells her, Ma’am jeans of your style are very difficult to find. But what to do she tell him, “This is what is most comfy & goes best with my pair of Bata shoes!”

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: After Mumbai -The City of Dreams, here is an account on Fashionalble Delhi... completing the Tale of Two Cities series. The two cities can not be compared and both outsmarts each other in some or the other aspect. However, Mumbaites and Delhizens will always be seen debating, claiming their respective city is better - showcasing love for their city!

PS: This series will also be published simultaneously on Delhizen’s blog


  1. ROFL! This is sooo Delhite!!

    "the latest fad these days is to walk around in your bedroom attire, ganji, shorts and slippers with unmade hair and well manicured nails!" - this description entirely fits a girl in my class and yes, she is an artist, plays guitar and harmonica at the same time... :P. In fact, 70% of my campus is filled with "artists".

  2. I am glad you could relate so well with the post Rashmi!

    and yes, the new word for us is Delhizen! :)

  3. A double thankyew to for appreciating this post and second for voting on Indi for my previous article on Delhi 'Cities within a City!


  4. I like Delhi's wide roads and Lutyen's zone. I love it that in every nook and corner you have old crumbling monuments, which are a mute reminder of the past.

    I love Chandni Chowk for it's chaos and the culinary delights it offers.

    And please...not a word against Zara ; it's one of my "favouritest" stores.

  5. I couldnt agree with you more.I have lived half my life in Bombay and half in Delhi and appreciate your great sense of analyses.
    In Bombay ,what mattered was who you are.
    In Delhi what matters who you know and what brands you wear.

  6. Hey so r u a Mumbaiite settled in Delhi?

    I have heard that u get top brands at cheap prices somewhere in Dehi

    And the info on butterchicken was relatively new!

  7. haven't been to delhi... but heard about its fashion statements and the market place...
    hmmm will plan a trip soon... atleast for shopping :D

  8. @ purba, I covered all these points in a previous post of mine ‘ cities within a city’. I live close to Delhi Gate in an ancestral house that has an east and west wing and a huge garden, so any time you wish to drop by, please be my guest. Chandni Chownk is also next door so I shall be delighted to explore it yet again with you!

    As for Zara, nothing against the brand but the collection- coz after seeing clothes from Zara London I really felt what I said…

    @ Mr. Chowla, I am glad the post echoed the same sentiments as you have seen

    @ Jon I am not from Mumbai as for top brand at cheap prices- I would say you get very good imitations at a cheap price for sure! Quality and name comes at a cost ;)

    As for butter chicken- it is claimed to be invented by Kundan Lal Gujral of Moti Mahal and secondly, it for sure is one of the most frequently ordered dish

    @ Rajlakshmi You must visit Delhi, I am sure you would love it as much as we do.

    PS: thankyew all for the comments and apologies for the delay in replying

  9. loved reading every bit of it ....
    couldn't agree less with you !

    happy blogging! :)
    have a nice day !

  10. Hi visiting after a long gap and happy to be on your blog again. Want to visit Delhi and memories your description while wandering on the stylish streets.
    happy blogging Bro.



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