Thursday, 6 May 2010

What punishment should Kasab be given?

No amount of punishment can even come close to the brutality and horrendous act of killing by Ajmal Kasab and his companions. Investigation says that he enjoyed the process of killing. He wanted to destroy The Taj like the way they did to J W Marriot in Pakistan. He wanted to consume human blood. He killed several innocent people and left thousands of people to cry for the loss of their near and dear ones. Eminent layers are fighting asking for capital punishment for Kasab.

So what punishment should be given to Kasab? A life imprisonment? The punishment will be too less to pacify the sufferers. It means that he will survive till his last breath. In India, earlier life imprisonment meant 14 years and then it became 20years. Now it is made up to the last breathe taken by the criminal with lots of clauses and considerations added to it. Two views over this: How would a mother who lost her son in the attack, would be able to come to terms? That the terrorist who killed his son, is still alive and will remain so until his natural death? This is certainly not acceptable. On the other hand, none of the convicts in 911 cases has been given a capital punishment!

So, next option is to give him capital punishment (hang him). Now this again is such an easy way to settle the matter. Kasab came to Mumbai and was always clear that he is not going to go back alive. He was prepared to sacrifice for Jihad or whatever they say. It will be such an easy escape for such a brutal act. And our law and order is in such a pathetic state, that even if he is given capital punishment, the execution might take as long as 20years or more. If the court pronounces capital punishment, the case will go to High Court. Upon acceptance, it will move to Supreme court. From there it will move to the President of India, where, Kasab can apply by mercy and considerations. It was easier for me to say that the case will move from here to there and from there to here, but the amount of time lost in the transition, is beyond explanations.

After case goes to The President of India, it goes for further examinations and considerations. In India as many as 32 cases of similar punishment are pending since 1998. Kasab’s case will be added in the queue as he cannot be executed until the queue is over! For example: Afsal Guru (who masterminded attack on India parliament) is awaiting his execution from last 5 years! The reason, cases ahead of him are yet to be executed!

My view is: Give him a capital punishment and hang him without wasting much time. But before doing that, make videos of Ajmal Kasab, where he is narrating his story, his family background and why he joined this mission. Show him requesting the new breed of Pakistanis and fellow terrorists not to sacrifice their life for money or in the name of GOD. God or Allah never asked to sacrifice life; he always asked to make life beautiful by following humanitarian path. Show in the video how pathetic life has become for him and his family because of his one wrong decision. How he repents and wants to go back in time and change that one decision that killed thousands of innocent people! Show these videos world over; broadcast them in Pakistan again and again. Such videos won’t stop addition of new Kasabs in the terrorist list but may influence few, that’s what we want. To reduce terrorism to zero.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: I have given my verdict, waiting to listen from you all. Hope some senior lawyer or a decision maker reads this post, sometime!

PS: I just pray god, we get some landmark decision in this case.


  1. Hi Karan, I am really delighted to go through your suggestion about video recording of kasab before hanging him. But our political leaders and so called human activists group may not allow this happen again in the name of secularism.

  2. Interesting and thoughtful post. The same things had been going around in my mind too...any punishment is too less for him...

    As for the video part...most people who get recruited to become Jihadis come from poor backgrounds and get brainwashed to commit such gruesome acts. They are already at the end of the rope and I believe that such a video will not have any impact on their decision. For them it is just an act commanded by god.

    I believe that all throughout human history we always had terrorists but since we now have put a name to them they invoke a lot of terror. For some it is just an act of revolution and for others it is mass killing.

  3. Capital Punishment is what Kasab wanted and we are giving it to him. In many ways, this is actually a defeat for the Indian Justice system :(.

    In my view, Kasab should be allowed to live. He should be made to repent what he did. Killing urself is easy but forgiving urself isn't. Living with yourself knowing you have murdered hundreds and left countless others with emotional scars that will never heal, is a difficult thing to do for any criminal. But the question needs to be asked, are we upto the task? I am not talking about making him feel guilty for what he did but making him realise what he did was wrong and wishing we had awarded him a death sentence instead.

    I know this is a hard decision to make by the Indian Justice especially since millions want him dead. But the truth is Kasab was already dead before he set foot on India soil.

    I like the idea of recording a video but I am against humiliating him cause it will only strengthen his resolve and the idea wouldn't achieve the objective.

  4. yes he deserves capital punishment for taking those innocent lives. But I doubt whether we can teach the bidding terrorists a lesson by humiliating him coz these budding terrorists are grown up in isolation without letting them know anything that is happening around them. Just like the way we make our pet dogs more ferrocious by not letting them to see any people at day and letting them out only at night when everything is dark.

  5. I'm telling from my deep heart... i don't know whether i'm right or not? And i'm not at all supporting Kasab! but i need to say the truth that only Kasab didn't killed all the people in Mumbai Attack. He was the first to get injured. The Main heads are the Pakistani Terrorist Group, who creates hundred's of Kasabs Daily.
    It is the Indian Politics that is giving our wound some medicine with Kasab Hang! They are not taking any action against the terrorist groups... They are making it cold enough by just hanging a person who is already in the Police Custody... It's really a great Joke for me! Hahahaha!!!

  6. @pdkamath: Thnx a lot for appreciation! Yes for every good thing that our politicians should do, they have 'n' number of excuses for not doing it! Hope to see you around...

  7. @LP: I agree that terrorists are already at the end of the rope and hope when they decide to do such gruelling act, but by showing videos, even if 1-2 gets influenced by it, I guess it is worth a chance.

    Ya terrorism was always there, but the gravity of destruction was much less than what happens these days!

  8. @talkreviews: Appreciate your views. Even I am against humiliating anyone...

  9. I liked your analogy! A new dimension and angle to discussion...Thnx a lot!

  10. @Arijitblog: I agree that the Indian politicians are not doing enough for the cause. Such a matter cannot be dealt in isolation and between two countries. As far as terrorism and Pakistan is concerned, I guess only with the help of US, who is also providing financial help, can we do something constructive.

    Otherwise we can just exchange diplomatic words and leave everything to time for the solutions...

  11. Do u think we can get a sorry statement from him....
    And are the terrorist going to listen to it...

    He is nothing but a small fish and I guess he is bit mentally unbalanced too..

  12. We can get a sorry statement from him, we can make him do what we want and show it to the world! We should use this power, if atall we want to, effectively.

    Terrorists are going to listen to it though it will require lot of courage and effort for them to inculcate and follow it. They do not know the repercussions after joining such groups because everytime the doers are killed. This time we have someone live, whom we can train, use and teach terrorists... we can atleast give it a try.

    Let them also know this side of the story!

  13. He must be killed..
    1. Fix a funnel in his rectum..and leave a snake through that.... the snake will do the rest.

    2. Leave a rat on his belly and then cover it by a metal bowl.. now heat up the bowl by a blow lamp.. the rat will make its way through his stomach...

    3. dig out both his eyes.. and put salt and chilly powder inside ...

    He should be killed by the name of pain..

  14. i think he must be made to do the job of scavenging in india for few decades and then make him clean the roads, drains and all the menial jobs and then shoot him in an encounter.....but i think the government will spend another 100 crores on this devil... i wish that money was used to serve the ppl of india!!.....
    its really irritating to see such a criminal getting 1st class treatment!!....

  15. kasab must be given the job of scavenging for two decades!! he must also do mean jobs and then finally given rough work in jail...then capital punishment!!
    they will spend a billion b4 killin him
    we can use that money to feed the poor in india!!



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