Friday, 30 April 2010

“…and I let my love to fly away!”

Hari hails from a small town. A typical middle class guy who has seen how his father has struggle all his life to meet two ends. Business went through ups and downs but his father never allowed his children to feel the pinch. His mother was a house wife and devoted all her life to bring up her two sons; Hari and Shyam - her hope, her world. Hari always knew he is going to make it big, always longed to give his parents luxury in their life.

Hari was a simple guy. Introvert, he believed in talking to himself, analyzing and speaking to others only when required. Down to earth in demeanor, with a determination to do big in life. A typical sweet, caring and understanding person. No fancy outfit, no passion to chase branded stuff. He always took right decisions; always put other’s interest before his own. He was always found in the “good books” of people whom he met.

He got through a premier B-School in Mumbai. Two years of grueling studies took everything out of him. But he kept reminding himself, "all this just for my parents". That thought kept him going. In the journey to create his destiny, he found a beautiful lady. A beauty he always wished for in his dreams. She was Anushka, flawless beauty. Happy go lucky, outgoing girl. It was his birthday and incidentally Anushka came to him asking for an assignment. Hari was always ready with his assignment. He helped her in scoring some addition marks and in the mean course, winning her heart. They started doing their assignments together. And then they sat together in lectures, went to canteen together, shopping and hanging out. They started enjoying each other’s company. They never realized when two years of college was over. They were deeply in love and their relation was pure.

It was last day of the college, Anushka and Hari went to City’s pub. Hari being a teetotaler, Anushka ordered large Smirnoff vodka with orange juice and a soft drink for Hari. It wasn’t for the first time Anushka was boozing with Hari. Every sip of vodka taken by Anushka, made Hari feel awkward.

Hari always felt awkwardness when Anushka boozed or smoked. He always showed his displeasure when Anushka wore trendy outfits. Anushka always listened to Hari. She changed her set of friends. She changed her habits. A teetotaler, pure vegetarian and simple clothing. But sometimes she wanted to unwind herself, like the last day of the college. At the same time, she wasn’t enjoying her new avatar. She was not able to carry herself the way she used to. She had become Hari’s Anushka and not the Anushka she was. But every time just a glimpse of Hari, cheered her up and changed her thoughts.

When you are in love, your partner recognizes your problem even if it is not expressed. Hari always knew that Anushka is not happy with the changes. He always thought she was burdened with his likes and dislikes. Thoughts started flickering. “Just for me, she changed herself but is she enjoying her life? Shouldn’t I give her more space and allow her to live more independently? Can’t I do this much for her happiness? But what will my parents say?”

His conscious always scolded him for his selfishness. The guilt feeling was talking a toll on his health. He knew it isn’t going anywhere in long term. Long term views paralyzed him. “What if Anushka changes after marriage? My parents would die! And how can I allow my love Anushka to die every day just for me!" Perplexed, confused, gripped into deep thoughts, lost in the musing… parents asking for justification for their hard work and expectations, mother’s depressed face, Anushka sacrificing for him but always wanting to break free, Mr. Rao, Strategy professor, shouting on his face “face the odds head on, don’t be a quitter!” Friends forcing him to convince parents but he knew they won’t!

After lot of contemplations, he decided to listen to his head in the game of love, love for his parents and love of his life, Anushka! and, and …he let his love fly away!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT:
For the first time, after writing a post, I am in deep thoughts! Was Hari right? Was that the only solution? Was he right in punishing himself and his love? What was Anushka’s mistake?


  1. good story and thought provoking. My view would be that if Hari wanted Anushka to change he needed to change too...

    Sometimes life brings us to a crossroad and it becomes difficult to choose, tough decisions have to be made and Hari had to do that too...

    His parents sacrificed for him and now it was his turn to do one said life was easy.

  2. @LP: Thnx a lot for expressing your views. It was a tough decision on Hari's part. I have got several friends saying that why the sad end, even I didnt want to do it that way, but this choice seemed to be most practical!

    Life never promised to be fair!

    ... ;)

  3. a practical story,.,,...whic hapns with nearly 70% of the people...every story cant be like Yash Chopra's film...wish it would be........

  4. Very heart touching story....i feel both r right in their own wayzz....and i guess parents happiness lies in their childrens i feel...Hari should have been more optimistic n should have carry forward his love....which is the most beautiful feelin in this world....n ne difficulty can b overcome if u get support from ur luv....

  5. @rohini: Yeah rohini this happens with most of the people...very sad end...but are you sure this is the end!

  6. @Abhinav: I completely agree...but if you love someone more (here parents) and give priority to them, then it becomes a little difficult! Though ultimately it depends on the person who is in that situation...

  7. this is the end in ur story....would love to read the twist....after all i alws want a happy ending....



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