Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Am I becoming a football fan!

I am a die heart cricket fan. Cricket is religion. You remember statistics better than any school time poetry. Effortlessly each shot played by Sachin Tendulkar is registered in the mind, forever. He is truely the God. The dedication, the passion, the focus, the fitness, hatsoff. I have GBs of matches stored with me like the 434 runs chased by SA over Australia.

If you are born in India and you dont follow cricket, something is wrong. It is also a good topic to break ice and do friendship. You can discuss cricket for days at length. The IPL fever has gripped whole nation and the world to a large extent. But I think it is overdose now. Too many matches happening, loosing the charm. Though it has helped people make money in the "business" of cricket.

Football is something I never got attracted to. People run against each other, kicking legs instead of ball, throwing themselves on opponents. I remember in my school days, we use to play football hitting each other's legs with the hard edge of "Bata" leather shoes. The ball use to quietly sit on the ground, still, and we use to kick each other. Now-a-days, everyday on my breakfast table, my friends keep discussing about Arsenal and Barcelona matches. The only thing I know is Ronaldo, Ronaldineo, David Bechkam and few others. I developed interest and thought of understanding it. I started with remembering team names and clothes players wore only to realise that teams can change their clothes, if their colour of clothes is matching or close to the opponent's colour of clothes. That means if this rule would have been applied in cricket, matches between Pakistan and South Africa or between India and Sri Lanka would have been played with either of the team changing their clothes colour. Funny, isnt it? And then there are too many leagues. English premier, Spanish league.

I was chatting with yet another friend of mine who is die heart Arsenal fan. He was telling me few intricacies and why people are Arsenal fan. They have "gameplan" and "pass through strategy" and they dont jump on others. They play serious football. He shared a youtube video link with me. I watched it. I watched it twice. And I got a feeling, isnt it more crazier than cricket. The answer wasnt clear but I think I should explore football more.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Why cant I bring revolution the way Lalit Modi has brought through cricket IPL in India. Starting a Football league, something like Indian Football League, would be fun. Heard Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kunder planning to start one. Hmmm, already some takers!


  1. mmmm... i dont know ne thing about football :P

    but i like cricket :D

    Oh BTW
    Howz u?
    my exams r over now so i'll be regular to your blog :D

  2. @ Chocolate Lover: Oye cool, I am good. How was your exams?

  3. football..hmmm..
    well my knowledge of football goes not very far from u, even for me the word football is synonymous with ronaldo, ronaldinho, raul, zidan and ofcourse beckham!! but m sure football is a far more interesting game dan the never-ending saga of cricket where hours n even days fail to produce the result..(20-20 is definately a blessing)
    football on da other hand is short n crisp wid oodles of attitude n glamour on da side..jus da way i like it!!
    i guess i shud try n learn more abt da game 2..
    but for me LAWN TENNIS rules all !!!
    federer, nadal, sampras,borg, agassi, rod laver, steffi, seles, r da names dat ill still swear by.. :) !!!

  4. @Suruchi: Yeah is the in thing seems... I am yet to have same thoughts regarding tennis...



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