Wednesday, 9 March 2011

For the girl who turned one! :)

Memories flashed in front of my eyes. I, along with my sister use to take out album of old photos from a deserted suitcase having lot of good old memories captured and stored in it. We use to watch them and at times use to jump in excitement. “Hey look dad was so thin that time.” “Yeah and look at Mamaji – he had so many hairs on head!...look at mommy, she is as beautiful today as she was, so many years ago!” Our birthdays use to be grand celebrations. I do not recall the events as I was toddler, but the clicks do narrate them.

I was at a friend’s daughter’s First birthday celebration. The moment I reached there, I felt good. Walls were beautifully decorated with cartoon character cut outs pasted on them. Colourful balloons everywhere. I was with friends and we were chatting and clicking. In minutes the hall was full with guests. The birthday girl arrived. Yashita. She was as cute as her name is. She was having fun, carelessly hanging on her mom. She must be amazed looking at so many new faces and probably must be wondering, “Hey, what is going on here!” People tried to have a glimpse of her. Guest started making faces, dancing, teasing, and cheering just to draw her attention towards them. But a one year old child is one year old child! She was following her heart and paying attention to only those whom she felt like.

Magic show started and as it progressed, everyone was glued to what the magician was doing. The innocent kids were laughing, giggling and enjoying the show. The grownups were enjoying but probably were paying extra attention to catch the other part of his smartness. He was good at his business. Everyone cheered him by clapping at regular intervals.

A gorgeous girl, who was looking like Cinderella, passed from my left aisle. She moved swiftly. She was wearing a bluish white princess dress. She caught everyone’s attention. We took her photographs. And her palace was kept next to her. The setup was a beautiful cake kept on a trolley moving from back side of the hall till it reached the centre stage. It was time for cake cutting ceremony and everyone got excited. To date all my senses wakes up, whenever I get to know that cake is around. The magician did some trick and out of nowhere he presented hats to Yashita’s father and the birthday girl. Kids sang the birthday song on top of their voice and the memories got framed.

The dinner was open and we got busy. It was delicious. And an ice cream with the summers approaching was like an icing on the cake. All in all, I had a very good time. The reminiscences from the photographs of my birthday that I used to admire, flashed. These are the moments probably the kids don’t understand but joy of the parents is incomparable. The unconditional and deep love parents have for their kids is unparallel. Camera can only capture a moment but memories of parents capture a lifetime.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: It is damn true when you want to feel god, you have parents!


  1. aweeeeeeeee... so cute!!! You know my niece is going to celebrate her 1st b'de this sunday and my sis-in-law is so excited for her b'de. While I was reading ur blog this actually carried me away! I wish I could be there. Nice and sweet one! :)

  2. awwwwww thats is such a sweetttt post... adorable :D
    //Camera can only capture a moment but memories of parents capture a lifetime.
    // brilliant :D thats a fact.

  3. haha.. ! this is really cute ...thanks for sharing ..

    and yess indeed when we want to feel god we have parents .. ! :)

  4. @Suman: Thank you very much!:)

    @Nandita: Hey thnx!

    @Rajlakshmi: Yeah thats the fact...

    @Viddhi: Thnx for the visit!

  5. A very sweet post and what you wrote is true...parents have unconditional love for their least most of them..Good to be back and blogging again :)



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