Friday, 2 September 2011

Love at first sight - A love story!

The day I saw her, I fall in love with her. It was love at first site. She mesmerized me completely. The dream of getting her launched me into a different world. I was bubbling with joy. I sat in my room concentrating as to how would I approach my dad and seek permission. I made few strategies. I prepared myself to answer all the possible questions that my dad could ask. The thought of rejection from dad, made me kind of low. But I was determined to try. I decided to start with my mom.

The strategy was to first get the easy 50% vote and then pitch for the difficult one. One afternoon, I and mom were having lunch together. My mom was in good mood and the situation looked perfect.
I started in a low voice, hesitantly. “Mom I want to tell you something important.”

Mom replied instantly, “Yes beta, I have been observing you from last 2-3 days. Your moves are unusual. Something is bothering you since couple of days. What is the matter? Is everything alright?”

I didn’t say anything. I was thinking how to begin. I took another bite of chapatti with aalo gobi sabji. I looked at mom she was staring at me. “Kya hua beta?

“Mom listen. Listen to me completely and then give your comments. Don’t get hyper in between, please. Let me explain you everything first.”

“Go ahead” a firm voice beamed.

“I am in love with someone. She is beautiful. Lovely and I think I along with her will be a good companion…” I went on to describe her till I got a positive expression on my mom’s face. I told her that my love would take care of her as well as dad. I also told that I had already made necessary enquiries.

“Do you have a picture or something? Even I would like to have a look at her!” Mom asked. She seemed excited.

I opened my laptop and showed her photo.

“She is beautiful. I like her and I would like to meet her as well” mom said with a smile.

The state of my mind was beyond description. Half the battle was won. The first strategy worked.

“Mom, what about dad? Will he give his permission?” My cheerful face became tensed in a split second.

“You know your dad beta. You have to initiate the talks yourself. I will support you but the convincing part is up to you”. She continued after a pause, “And I also want to warn you that it cannot happen without your dad’s acceptance. I am with you but I can’t be against your dad. If he says no, I would try to convince him but final decision would be his!” Mom looked firm.

I just picked up my iPod, plugged it into my ears and vanished from there. My actions passed on the message to her that I would try and convince dad but I can’t sacrifice her if he expresses something else.

When you have to convince your parents, the timing has to be right. Their mood, work load, everything needs to be checked.

The perfect moment arrived soon. It was a Sunday morning. It was raining heavily. Dad was reading newspaper sitting in balcony overlooking the sea.  Mom had made ‘Pakode, Samosa and chutney’ for breakfast. Dad loved every bite of it. He had a hearty meal, it seemed. He got engrossed in the newspaper again.

“Dad, I want to talk to you about something” I said to him confidently.

He had a look at me. He finished his article hurriedly in few seconds, folded the newspaper nicely and kept it on the centre table. While removing his spectacles he asked me to sit.

“How is your work going my son?” he asked.

“It is going good dad. I am doing a lot better now.” I replied.

“Tell me what is the matter. What is bothering my son? Tumhe pyar toh nahi ho gaya?”

All my planned strategies failed. Dads always put bouncers. They are always a step ahead.  
“Uff!” I thought. I opened my laptop kept next to me. I showed him the photograph.

“It is her dad. I like her. She is beautiful. I interacted with her a number of times. I think that’s a good match if you think so.” I replied examining each and every facial expression and changing lines on his forehead.

“I would like to meet her first” dad replied in a firm voice closing the laptop flap and handing it back to me.

His lines gave me a big boost. The idea was sold to him!

The very next day, we all went to her place in the evening. We were greeted very well. They had made excellent arrangements. After initial talks and queries, my dad seemed happy. He scanned her biodata. Had a look at her. He looked at me and smiled. “Good choice!”

I hugged him and he congratulated me.

Today, I am happy with my companion Honda Civic for last two years!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Everything in the article is art of fiction. Just wanted to highlight few beautiful relationships and make the readers smile.


  1. ha ha ha ha! Actually cars and bikes are boy's 1st love. Nice one from u Karan! Different kind but nice! :) :)

  2. Hilarious one..! with a twist.. he he

  3. I did make me smile, and I agree that men have a huge love affair with their machines :).

  4. hehehe yeah guys go crazy over bikes

  5. the moment I started reading, i knew it is not abt a girt!! were successful in forcing to think it it a girl later though :)

  6. Suman: Thnx Suman. Glad you liked it!:)

    KP: Thank you! :)

    Rachna: If that made you smile, it was worth an effort! :)

    Rajlakshmi: We do! Good to see you...

    Lavina: Your comment brought a smile on my face! Thnx for the encouragement! :)

  7. Nice one, such a pretty mind image :)

  8. LOL..lifetime or will you be looking for a replacement in a couple of years?

  9. Good one. :) and hello to the new blog address.

  10. Haa ! First few lines and i knew it must be a machine.Enjoyed reading it Karan .

  11. Marinela: Thnx a lot!

    Jon : Dont know why that expression!

    Purba : Everything comes with an expiry date! :)

    Pinksocks : Welcome! :)

    Kavita : Thnx I would be careful next time that it doesn't become predictable!

  12. hi karan
    Do accept the Butterfly Award from my blog

  13. I can relate to your excitement.. These beauties are just hard to live without.. Happy to know that you got yours :) Take good care of her buddy..

  14. Very interesting piece... you had me wondering. :D

  15. A story well told. Love the narration.

  16. Punditz, Paneerandpulao, Ramakant : Thanks for your comments. Hope to see you guys more around! :)



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