Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It takes only an Anna (Hazare) to do what he did!

Last weekend I went to watch movie Aarakshan in theatre. Though normally I don’t expect much before start of any movie so as to enjoy and observe the minute details the director wants to subtly narrate. But with Prakash Jha, I expected the movie to be good if not better. I was utterly disappointed and the movie was pathetic to say the least.

The expectation set was right in the first half an hour of the movie. It seemed to be a movie about reservation and anti-reservation debate something that no government has tried to solve in reality. As the movie progresses the focus digresses. There is no clear anchor, no direction for the movie after a point of time. The intentions of Mr. Jha were great but to speak the bitter truth as it is and get accepted is difficult. From pro-reservation stand, the movie shifts to pro tuitions to free education. It was beating around the bush. It was too complex a topic to take a stand. For the first time I observed such a confused audience after the movie was over. May be Dhobi Ghat was the last time, I found audience so puzzled.

With Rajneeti, which was equally huge in terms of characterization and complexity of subject, it was lot structured. The movie led to a natural climax and though longish, the movie was well executed with a focused approach.

The only reason could be because it takes guts of Anna Hazare and support of entire India to take on the ruling government. You challenge the authority and you would be shown the doors. With Anna, the background check is clear. Government probed into his past and present only to find gold. Baba Ramdev might be good, his intentions were also same, but with his commercialized of products and with tax authority and other government agencies after him, he could only retract.

The movement started with 5-7 people. Word spread and few hundred people gathered. In days time few hundred became few thousand, thousands became few lac and lacs in to crores. It’s a common discussion in buses, at breakfast table or on television. Anna has surely united us to fight against corruption. The agitation has left the government clueless. They thought it as a fad initially but now that’s the only talking point. No congress spokesperson is able to talk straight and convince what they believe, on any news channels. I would like to pat back of media, the fourth estate, which has played a crucial role in spreading the information and bringing masses together. If all the four pillars of democracy including judiciary behave so responsibly, ‘India of dream’ will become reality soon.

The present situation cannot be called a License Raj, but it is no less. Corruption has crippled the nation. It is shameful to see Members of Parliaments showing bundles of money in the parliament of the world’s biggest democracy, being offered to buy their votes. Words cannot describe that darkest hour of Indian Democracy. What is appreciable about the movement started by Anna is the way it is carried out. It is in 9th day now but no signs of violence whatsoever. There is so much anger in people, in crowd yet they have maintained the decorum. They are aware that a silly mistake and government will get a chance to put everyone in jail with charges of disrupting peace at public place, jeopardying all the effort. I salute the discipline and patience of common man for this.

Though I am completely in favor of corruption less nation if not corruption free, I don’t have an idea as to how Jan Lokpal bill will be implemented and executed. The points it states is all acceptable but a small loopholes is what it takes to sink something as big as Titanic. I am just worried of those open holes in this bill, if there are any. After those cautionary words, something gives me confidence. If there would have been substantial loopholes, the government would not have been so stubborn in accepting it.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Anna has stood for us, for a better tomorrow. It really requires courage to challenge the absolute power. Let’s fight against corruption and build a better tomorrow!


  1. I know what this anti-corruption movement means. It is to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. The bill proposes to put everyone under Lokpal at national level and Lokayuct at state level.
    Any individual 'comman man' who finds suspicious activities being carried out by buaurucrats/ politicians/ office bearers can inform the Lokpal/Lokayuct. Within one year the incident should be closed with if anybody found guilty, to be punished.

    And yeah, the Team consists of socail activist Arvind Kejrival and many others are supporting the movement whole-heartedly. :)

    I would be happy to answer more questions!

  2. The support of the likes of Kiran Bedi and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar makes this movement unquestionable.

    Like your views and the way you haveput them forward eg (back ground check of Anna, the loophole part which is making it difficult for the govt to accept it)
    It looks like the members of parliament are being forced to take a decision against themselves, hence not much forrow from opposition since they too definitely dont have clean lenin!



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