Thursday, 1 July 2010

The right manager!

Who is the best manager in the world? Who has proved his efficiency? Who has delivered month after month and year after year? Someone who has out performed given any situation? Recession or markets at peak, this manager hasnt blink ever! Top line, bottom line, resources, etc.

I know, by now you would have guessed few names and I know you all would be wrong! You may be biased with some legend and give some answers. You may say Jack Welch was the best manager in the history of mankind. Somebody might say, “Was Lord Krishna in Mahabharata any less?” “Indira Nooyi, how about her?” Hitler, Churchill, M Gandhi, John Sculley, Steve Jobs, the list may go on and on but what is the right answer? Who is The One! Who has made everyone proud? You don’t have took into the history and weigh the numbers, the best manager in the world is hands down, the “moms”. You might be calling her “mummy” or “mother” or “aaii” or something else. You may call her by any name, the qualities are unmatchable.

So what does a mom do? Why is she undoubtedly the best manager? It’s not a rocket science! And you know what; she doesn’t need to do MBA, MTech, a certification, PMP, PhD, etc. It is something god gifted! Oh, am I saying she is different than God? I don’t want to commit a crime by saying that! She would understand things just by looking at you, just a “Hello” on the phone will tell her your state of mind. She is genius. She might be unwell but she would ensure that your tiffin box is ready on time. You would keep shouting at her for trivial things, you are not able to get because you forgot where you kept; she would still kiss you, hug you and find it for you. Before you complain about anything, she resolves it. No matter how much I write, the words would appear too small. Always for you, selflessly. But, why suddenly a post on mom?

The thought started with one of my friend explaining me what kind of boss he has got. And I pray god, nobody gets that kind of boss ever. For everything the answer is ‘no’. My friend is misfit in the role, yet by force he is asked to adapt. The work has least challenging tasks and all his previous efforts, knowledge acquired are at stake. The boss doesn’t listen to anybody. He only looks for higher number, higher margins. For him, people are insignificant. According to so many HR surveys conducted, employee derives maximum satisfaction from appreciation, second from good work. The last on the list is monetary benefits. A simple proven fact of ‘handling people well’ is defied in this case. So what does it take to qualify for being a manager? 10 years in industry, that’s it! A PMP certification?

There is no shortcut for success. A degree, a certification just clears the entry barrier. Theory is always ideal but far from actual situations. Number of years just adds on your resume, the nature of work makes all the difference. Understanding people is pivotal. The demands of fellow associates are never too many and it is never out of reach. The right attitude towards employee is all that is required. Keep motivating employees; try to push them to their limits. Arrange some training for them, make them feel that they are being thought of and taken care of. Arrange regular interactive fun at work, not just for the name sake but employee should be able to derive fun out of it. Go out for team lunch and team movies. Picnics are best way to unwind and get closer. A satisfied employee would put everything in work to give best output. And then you never have to worry about attrition, profits, margins, growth. Everything falls in place automatically.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: The newspapers are hovering with rising attrition rates every day. The solution isn’t a rocket science. ‘Manage People’ properly. Listen to them and take inclusive decisions. Number of years in the industry doesn’t make an individual a good manager, listening to people and acting towards it, thus!


  1. Hope my manager reads this!!

  2. rightly said..sometimes people will adjust and work for lesser pay if their leader is a person who leads and motivates them and also acknowledges the work they do.

  3. written very aptly Karan...
    About Moms..they certainly dont need the degreee...the sense comes in them automatically...this i m saying coz i too hold the degree of motherhood...
    there can be a potential in one which can be honed by the education, exposure and experience...

  4. Rightly said. A good manager is deep down a good human being. Thats why moms figure on top of the list :)

  5. Nice post ! every one in the world craves for recognition once he gets it... he'll put his maximum effort in his work !! But very few does that !!

  6. @Jon: Hope so! :)

    @LP: true!

    @CL: Good good! wassup with ya? Thnx for the comment1 :)

    @rohini: Yeah...mummy is the best creation of God!

    @lostworld: "Good Human being". Its sums up all!

    @Vignesh: Appreciate your views.

  7. Interesting topic Karan- but lets look at it from the other side, is attrition rate high only because my boss is the worst of the lot? I doubt so… how many actually understand the meaning of the word commitment? How many will not move to greener pastures even if its just a few months since they changed their last job?

    Of course boss plays a key role in shaping the way you come-up in an organization but it is a lot to with one’s own self… for e.g. we are two sisters my mother gave us the same set of values, treated us the same way-no bias, gave us equal amount of time- yet my elder sister excelled in studies and went abroad for a MBA and Phd on scholarship while I gave-up mine after graduation and took up a job… so, is my mom responsible for the decisions I took? No way, I made my choices and she played along

    Another point- we don’t remember how many times our boss/manager or sr appreciated us but will hold it against him for life if he pointed a finger even once at us!

  8. @Pallavi: I really apprecaite your views, they have given new dimension to the post.

    But I am not saying attrition is happening just because of bad handling of people, but yes, it is one of the reasons. Sometimes employee is so much stuck because of an adamant boss who is very influential to get things done his way, employee has no option but to look outside, to get out of the situation. This is out of my personal experience. :)

    And yeah I am not saying the moms shape our future, she just supports us - in our good and our bad too!

    Your last point is so true. Its the human nature.


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