Saturday, 10 July 2010

The biggest enemy of the 'beautiful game'!

The beautiful game - Football has gripped the world like never before. Millions of enthusiast are glued to the television, sports magazines are selling like hot cake and bloggers are busy updating blogs moment by moment. Not only human beings but also animals are following the beautiful game. Paul - the octopus is garnering more views than even some of the highest paid football strikers. Truly hat off to the sport and its spirit.

In India, the matches are telecast in the evening and at late night. Though the football fever caught me lately, I always try to make home for the evening match, atleast the second half. I am forced to miss all the late night matches as I am suppose to wake up early and reach office early. (That's the reason I missed Brazil in action, this season.) Though I am an Argentina supporter and post its debacle, started supporting Germany for its truly beautiful and skillful game. It was wednesday evening, I reached home in the evening, as usual. We friends sat for dinner together discussing various stuff, from office to current bandh to sports.

After a while, Amol asked me, "Was I going to watch late night match between Argentina and Germany?" Now, Amol is a guy who is mad about sports in general and specifically football. He returns home early, take a nap for 2 hours to catch the late night matches.

I replied blankly, "No, as you know, have to get up early. Even at office some critical issues are going on, can't be late." I wasn't knowing what's gonna come for me from him, at that point.

He aggressively replied, "You are supporing Argentina, why aren't you going to watch it? After all this is the last time you could see a football world cup match live?"
I got puzzled, so thus everyone, I guess.

I asked,"Last time? Why? Why last time live? Why won't I be able watch late night telecast, the way I can do now?"

He said, very thoughtfully, "The next football world cup is going to happen after 4 years from now. By that time, you would be married. So how the hell could you see late night matches live? You would be thrown out of your own house if you disobey your would be wife!"

Nikunj replied very hopefully, "What made you assume that girls dont like football? Havent you gone too far in your planning? My girl friend is different. She appreciates it"

Even I opposed him. "Girls are not like that. Few compromise here and there is ok. And I have lot of female friends who stay awake to watch matches and keep updating their FB status message every few seconds!"

Amol replied sarcastically, "Just wait and watch!"

Initially everybody laughed and made fun of him, but I just thought how much this guy has thought about future! He was talking as if he is very experienced guy. His words were worth pondering on. And thud, his words pinch me, is this the last opportunity?

Over the food we formuliased various strategies as to how to deal with such a serious issue! We narrowed on few solutions, after all impossible is nothing! But none of the idea was practical. I still don't know if the would be (though I am not in hurry and haven't been thinking so seriously about it) dosent like watching late night football, what exactly happen!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Do you guys have some solution for the issue discussed? For the female readers, how do you deal or plan to deal with such situation? For the male readers, do you fear the way I am fear now? Laugh out loudly!

PS: My biggest appologies to all the female readers out there. Take this on a lighter note, but the thoughts do scare.


  1. hahahaha...its a nice/light post...pointing the issue which can become serious ..if nt taken lightly...;)
    all women are nt same as man are...their are many who enjoy and let others too enjoy the sport....
    but smtimes late nights coz trouble in waking up early in the even waking 5 mins late can coz problem...women being matured (dnt laugh) advise to slip into bed eaarly or else putting the TV on that atleast she is nt disturbed....
    for me i enjoy every sport...i need company...last world cup of football we bth watched till 3.. but things change..we have kid now..and have to ensure his sleep too....
    OH so sleepy comment..
    have fun ..... i will cheer for Spain...:)

  2. Yes i fear ur fear but hopefully it will happen in only another 5 years!!!

    So I am not planning

  3. Most girls take comfort in the fact that football matches are all short & the entire tournament is just 1 month long! So take heart Karan.. :) Quit worrying! I am sure you can cheer for Brazil along with your partner! ;)

  4. Girls do watch sports!! From cricket, to tennis and FIFA especially! Men can be such stereotypes… and tell Amol, if wife doesn’t allow him to watch the match then buy an additional set of TV… ; )

  5. So many things to take care in this world and so many stereotypes.

    But I loved the post for the honesty and the light-bigheartedness it provoked.

    Be happy now. Why worry for something four years from now. Life exists with or without football.


  6. Karan:

    Thanks for coming by my place and leaving your insights. It is much appreciated. And thanks again for the following. Honoured indeed.

    Shall look forward to your writings.

    Have a lovely remainder of the week.

    Joy and peace,



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