Saturday, 6 February 2010

"Attack the leaders"

Why do you see Amitabh Bachchan being attacked again and again by politicians? Why MNS drags him is meaningless issues? Why SRK is attacked on his IPL selection statement which wasnt contradictory to patriotism? And at the same time, why SRK has accused ShivSena of dirty politics? Why only Indians are attacked in Australia? Why at the global level US, Russia, Pakistan, Iraq are found attacking India and Indian leaders again and again?

Earlier it was between Khans now it is between AB and SRK, Chetan Bhagat and 3 idiots, only Tiger woods over infidelity, Mukesh Ambani over KG basin, Tatas over Singur, Steve Jobs over iPad, n number of cases in every walk of life. If you ask Shivsena, MNS, BJP, RSS some other acronyms, "What are you fighting for?" I bet, they wont have an answer! They just want to attack anybody who has visibility and can help them in their pursuit.

In the marketing parlance it is called "Attack the leader." It is one of the easiest way to take your words to the world. Any leader in his industry/ segment is dominant. He decides the pace, direction and sets the rules and trends. When you attack a leader, you are elevating yourself close to that leader's position, temporarily. The world gives you ear. And in a subtle way your work is done. When Mamata Banerjee created issue with Tatas over Singur land, she knew, it is not worth fighting against the business behemoth. But she got the coverage, she was heard. She retracted from her stance later, is a different story. The movie My Name is Khan cannot get a better marketing than what it has got! Look at Sarkar, Gangajal or some other movies. If you look around yourself, you will find either people have mastered or are trying to master the art of attacking the leaders.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: When ever you find any leader getting attacked, understand the motto. Hmmm, that means if I want to get famous, I should attack some political or business figure or ideology. Hahaha... Its not a child's play. When a leader retracts, you need to be fully loaded because 100% of the times, the attacker is at fault. For you guys, if you look at everything from "attack the leader" angle, you will always find it applicable!


  1. I hate politics and politicians! :(

  2. "Leaders",as you refer to them are powerful people and power corrupts. This means that they are prone to "attackable transgressions". Moreover, many of these "leaders" live very public lives, which makes their transgressions all the more noticeable and "attackable". While I agreee that some of it may be done for publicity to say that that is the sole reason is a bit of an overstatement.

  3. I guess you have used the wrong word here...

    In indian politics... there are many few leaders... I would rather refer them as politician...

    and then how would you forget the famous act of throiwing chappal on chiddu uncle?

  4. @ Rahul: Thnx for your comments. But I do believe the main motto of attacking leaders is to garner attention and get heard. There can be few exceptions, though. But largely, it holds good.

  5. @Chakoli: Appreciate your point. There arent many leaders, infact you can count them on fingures, in Indian politics. There arent many worth calling "leaders."

    But here leader is used for the powerful or influential people. Influence in good or bad way. They hold people in control. Not only politicians but I am talking about actors, sports and businessmen also.

  6. first timer here...I guess minding ones own business does the trick.It so badly happens that when a so called polititian or leader is attacked it becomes a national debate..where do"we" as people stand amidst all this...i would so blantantly rub things off sayin.."grow Up"

  7. ok ok YOUR article is Excellent, Its great.. ITs superb .. :)

    I am not attcking your article .. jsut in case it seems i need some publicity ha ha ha ha

    anyway Jokes apart.. You are right people would do anything for a bit of publicity.. BUt the problem is ITS US who make them do that cause we only go for people who are famous or in news ...

    We want our pictures taken with them, autographs etc etc.. SO its sort of catch 22, if we dont bother then they would not want to get there IF you know what i mean ..

    Ok i have confused myself too in this .. :)

  8. @Madhu: Thnx a lot! The concluding words says it all...

  9. @Bikram: Appreciate your humour... ;)

    Yeah, it is confusing because we make comman man a star, ofcource media plays pivotal role in that, and then we chase same star, making them bigger and bigger!



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