Thursday, 11 February 2010

Riding on time machine!

After some heavy posts, here is a lighter one...

I had a bitter fight yesterday with very close friend of mine. Who's mistake? I guess nobody to blame. What will happen next? After every night there come beautiful sun rays, same way, we will be rocking, again! Why I am sharing this? To ponder on something that did stike while I was in the middle of fight.

As the heated conversation was going on, I suddenly remembered that in the morning only I read that "There could be a clash today. Stay away from arguments." But still I just carried on to hit a dead end, me standing alone. So, do I read such things everyday? And does this incident make me believer of what is published? To begin with, I dont believe in the fortunes published. Infact, I dont follow anything that is written in newspapers. Anything that is in the public eye, is to make the public blind about the truth. Though I do try to read between the lines. Lot of spaces! which makes more sense to me than words. The spaces tell the complete story and express the unsaid meaning.

I have seen people reading so called predictions religiously everyday in newspapers. That is the first thing they do! And on top of it, they do postpone their already set plans if that is not advisable according to the newspaper! What crap! Its your life, you decide, you do. The world is divided into twelve zodiac signs and predictions are made that only these things will happen everyday. I am not doubting on Zodiac sign's sanctity or existence, it evolved out of some science. But following blindly what some Baba says every morning on television is far from my understanding. All the channels and not to forget NEWS channels also are in the forefront. When newspapers can do that, why not news channels!

In the race are all mobile service providers, email providers, Facebook with Dhongibaba! I liked the name though, very apt. Dhongibaba!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: If predicting future was so simple and easy task, we would not have been doing lot of things, that we do otherwise! Future is in the present. If we indulge in looking at whats going to happen in future, we will miss the present and it will also make us believe to make changes in the past!


  1. A little seasoning for "Food for thought"... Unscientific sciences in the dominion of future telling - astrology, palmistry, tarot, numerology, etc. - are quite an industry by themselves. People of our nation, even those who must think twice before buying groceries seem to have no qualms in loosening the purse-strings for a glimpse into the future.

    The Bhagvadgita touches upon this human curiosity to know today what tomorrow shall offer!
    Arjuna asked Lord Krishna what the outcome of the great war would be. The omnipresent asked Arjuna to literally mind his business (perform his karma), and let future bear its fruit in due time (that would be Krishna's business)...

    Need any of us say more?

  2. Nice post,Karan. Even I knw ppl whose first interest is to go thru their respectives signs to see what the day holds for them...
    There are ppl who staunchly believe that what has written does happen too...:)

    Interesting read.


  3. @Achint: Appreciate for bringing the Arjun-Lord Krishna perspective.

    But in todays world, there isnt Krishna guiding "Aajka Arjun." And also the arjun's of this time is always in search of shorcuts and skips to meet the ends...

  4. @Deepa: Thnx a lot for your comments!



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