Saturday, 15 August 2009

You might inherit these diseases!!!

Imagine for a moment you know that you are going to inherit XYZ diseases. You are going to suffer from another ABC disease... How much pressure or work load you are capable of handling...

I came across a website called
23andMe “personal genetics” company — which, for a fee, will take a bit of your spit and map out your DNA to learn genealogical details as well as your risk factors for certain diseases. Hmmm...

Some revolutionary thoughts:

Insurance companies will tie up with companies like 23andMe and do the client profiling. They would be able to know how susceptible their clients will be, to specific diseases. They might take decision as to client should be covered or not. Genealogical details of clients might also help them in setting insurance premiums.

Marriages: In India, still exchanging bio data and photographs of would be bride and groom, is a tradition. How about additional document stating all the diseases that they might suffer. Interesting isnt it! Make sense also...if the guy's and girl's parents have suppose, diabetes, then I think they should avoid marrying, if atall its an arrange marriage. Why should ensure that their kids inherit same disease when they can avoid doing that!

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