Thursday, 20 August 2009

Videocon: New Avtar!

Few day back, I saw some new add of Videocon on television. It is running over all the channels. The last significant re-branding advertisement that I could recall is that of Godrej Properties. So, another brand trying to shave off its "Old" image.
Videocon had that typical giant "V" type symbol which stood for strength and robustness of the brand. But the electronic market is so dynamic that brands needs to re-image itself with changing demand. Gone are the days were those SRK - Dhoni adv of beechade bhai bhai impresses audience. What caught me of the new advertisement is two sweet animations, green coloured trying to make little flower happy by changing the environment, or rather providing what the flower was waiting for. The adv is also good at ears. I guess the re-branded Videocon is trying to convey brand's energy, change, eco friendly products targetted for the youth.

Prior to this, the brand has banked on other propositions, such as 'Technology for health and pleasure', 'Bring Home the Leader', 'New Improved Life', 'The Indian Multinational', 'Whatever role life gives you, play it big', as well as the most recent one, 'Eco Logic for sustainable life'.

The 'V' in the new Videocon logo is composed of two animated green, lava-like shapes – called Chouw and Mouw, which are 'live' characters and will be used to tell simple stories through a series of short videos. Both have certain personality traits, based on their physical attributes. Chouw and Mouw come to the rescue and spread happiness and joy through their charm, kindness and efforts. KR Kim, vice-chairman and chief executive officer, Videocon India, says, "The rationale behind Videocon's brand evolution comes from our constant endeavour to listen and respond to changing market dynamics in India and overseas. Our new tag line - Experience Change - will mark the beginning of a sea change for customers of consumer durable goods."

Speaking about the two mascots, Prasoon Joshi, executive chairman, McCann Worldgroup India, and regional creative director, McCann Asia, says, "Chouw is the kind-hearted one and Mouw the more mischievous one. And together, they send out the message that if you put your heart and mind together, anything can be achieved."But why did the brand feel the need for change? Prasoon adds, "The logo needed more energy. So, we energised it by giving it a more modern look. Green is the colour of the future. The logo also has a liquefied, fluid-like feel to it. It gives the feeling that the company is on the move and can take any shape and form."

Fingures crossed for the success of re-branded "India's Multinational"!

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