Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Kid's Garage DIY: Driving, driving in my car...!

My son was playing with cars. I was thinking aloud that if we could create a car garage for his toy cars. It sounded good to my wife and instantly she brought some bunch of cartons from our storage.

Initially, we planned to make a two stores garage. Ground floor for bigger cars, first floor for smaller cars and second floor with surface half that of the first floor, for landing planes and helicopter. As we started putting things together, ideas kept on changing and we finally decided to go with one floor above the ground level with a special 'Hot Wheels' corner for Hot wheels cars.

I must admit that I love Hot wheels cars more than my son does. Whenever we go out, my wife ensures that me and my son both are away from the car section. No, we don't buy a lot of them but yes we admire and spend a lot of time there. My son loves Buses more. Least to say, 'Wheels on the bus...' is his favorite rhyme which he sings all through the day!

In one session we created the raw structure of the garage. Initial plan was to paint it all through. As we progressed and the amount of time we spent, I suggested my wife that we should instead go with putting papers over it. So, her paint brushes have to wait for our next undecided project.

The intention was to expose our son with different possibilities, things are and could be created at home. It wasn't his hands on but he did play with glue, putting all over his palms, pants, floor. We told him different activities like cutting, sticking, colors, shapes, etc.

Among the most amazing part I found was the Hot wheel corner. The white strips on the garage floor has enhanced the overall effect.

My son has already started sliding all his cars one by one, well, including the big ones too! But then we haven't made it delicate, so he can go ahead and use the way he wants.

We told him that the way he sleeps at night, cars also go to sleep. So he needs to park all of them properly at night before going to bed!

Final finished product - Kid's Garage!

Trivia: In Singapore, houses have common, multi-level car parking system called as 'Car-Park' sounds like 'Ka pak'!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT:  An activity like this is far more superior and fulfilling than spending time on smart phones. Nothing beats a hands on!


  1. Good job ehu dad n mom..very well done..loved it!! Very well written article. Welcome back to blogging



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