Sunday, 27 December 2015


Its been a long time that I wrote something on the blog and made it public. It was a cautious decision.

When I write, I always want to express what it is exactly, no diplomacy or politically correct statement there. If you do that then there is no point in writing because you should be honest with what you write or feel if those are personal views.

A lot of events happened over a period of time. Cartoonist Assem Trivedi was arrested for his controversial sketches, people got jailed or arrested for putting some status message on Facebook, etc Those two three incidents struck in my mind. I am not trying to take sides or justify anybody but then as a common man when you express and are punished then it makes you take a step back. Though, I would go a step further and say that 'Freedom of Speech' has been the most used excuse these days to say any and everything.

Sometimes events make you express in certain way that may not be accepted to small section of authority who may have power or influential enough to hit you back. And these days social media trolling is a fad which can make you a star overnight before you could realize irrespective of which side of the table, right or wrong, you are. You don't want to take 'panga' with anyone. As my boss says, "Try not to make enemies!". It doesn't mean you have to do what others would like. In doing so, you will loose yourself.

Be yourself but when in public discourse, try and avoid controversies. Staying away from blogging is challenging because you want to express, you want to share, you want to leave this place with a little better shade than what it was, when you arrived. 30 years from now, reading this blog would be so much fun. Writing also helps in comprehending your thoughts, eventually it could lead to complete my half complete novels!

Second strong reason for not being here regularly was because I wanted to spend time with my kid when he was awake and do my work when he was sleeping. That pushed Blogging to a back seat. Now I will try to strike a good balance, hopefully!

So with that, I decided to be a bit regular. Share Colours of Singapore, through my eyes. About Parenting, with my first hand experience, some Movie Reviews and definitely a lot of Foodie recommendations to go out! And an occasional off beat item, a love story may be!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Life is highly underrated! There are many hats that you can wear at the sametime and make it a much more colourful life! It feels good to put together thoughts and words and sentences to create a story around it!

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