Saturday, 7 June 2014

Murugan - The 'Authentic' Idli shop!

Fresh Banana leaf on plate with four amazing Chutneys!
 Murugan Idli Shop is home for us when we want a break from routine North Indian food of Tandoori Roti, Sabji, Dal, etc. It is located on the busy street of Syed Alwi Road close to Mustafa.

The restaurant is small, simple with basic seating arrangements. It is often crowded especially on weekends when people shop at Mustafa and stop at Murugan for lunch or Dinner.

As you occupy seat, you are presented with a piece of paper and pencil. That paper is Menu card cum Order note. All the dishes are listed along with prices and you are suppose to select what you want to eat and indicate number of quantities. Unique way of taking order and I quite like it.
Menu Card cum Order Note.
By the time you make up your mind and complete the order, you are presented plate with large fresh Green Banana leaf covering the plate and 4 different chutneys on it. This is standard serving irrespective of what you order. In Southern parts of India, serving and eating food on Banana leaf is a tradition. It is believed that top of the leaf is naturally coated with some chemical. When these are consumed along with food, it makes food tasty and makes digestion process better. Other advantage of using Banana leaf for the restaurant is that the turn-around time is quick as they don’t have to wait for cutlery to get washed, cleaned, dried and ready for next serving. Though it adds to the operating cost, I deeply appreciate the restaurant for keeping the traditions alive in foreign country where managing cost is critical.

Since the name itself has Idli, it is but natural to try atleast one Idli, you can call it a starter. The Idlis are soft, big, generally hot and fresh. It is a must everytime you go there. I like Vada and they serve it really crispy. Onion Uttappam, Masala Dosa or Butter Masala Dosa, all are good with authentic South Indian taste. A special mention about Sambar – it is really tasty and you can ask for more servings without any additional cost for it.

They also serve variety of rice (Lemon, Tamarind, Tomato, Curd, Sambar) though I haven’t tried them yet so I will reserve my comments on them. But going by my experience on other dishes, it should be good.

The way Idli is must have, coffee is also a must have at the end of food, irrespective of you want to have it or not. It is served in traditional half-cut steel glass, coffee filled till its brim accompanied with a small bowl. The aroma and taste of that filter coffee will definitely revive your energy and mood.

I always enjoy food here though it is somewhat congested place with limited open space from baby-pram or shopping bags. You may have to struggle for seat sometimes but when you get it, the food is always served by heart. Options on Menu card are limited saving lot of order time and helping restaurant in keeping low items of inventory.

Murugan is part of Indian food chain and has been able to keep its long established tradition of quality and taste.

Ambience: Simple, small layout, basic seating arrangement
Price: Reasonable
Quality: Good.
Quantity: Average
Taste: Authentic
Service: Fast
Rating: 7 +1 for the Chutneys and Sambar

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: It is a place for perfect brunching, snacking when you want to eat light still be tight!


  1. I can't tell you how much I love south indian food esp Idlis!! I can have many even on a full tummy!


    1. Great to know Ankita! They are healthy as well as light for stomach!



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