Saturday, 19 April 2014

2 States Movie - A Good watch - My experience!

I liked 2 States novel and I finished reading it in one sitting back then in 2009. Neither verbose, nor very high on literary. Yet it is easy to connect. It is about people, their relations and how they deal with situations in their otherwise normal usual life. You can easily relate to the characters and the setup. Since I did my B-School graduation, I could relate to a lot of events as they unfold in the book.

It would not be correct to say if the book is better or the movie. When you read a book, your imaginations paint the canvass. Director Abhishek Varman has done a fantastic job in bringing life to each character from the book. His visualization of story and presentation as an overall package is commendable. It is different from the novel in a way that novel doesn’t portray so much of romance as the movie does. I wonder what Chetan Bhagat's kids must be thinking about what their parents did in the college! Book has more drama, the Shaadi sequence is described at length, the Mickey Mouse moment, which I was expecting, and the ritual of running away of bride and the groom is suppose to brings back, didn’t happen. It was Directors take on the book.

The movie is about a Punjabi boy and a South Indian Tamilian girl who fall in love and decide to marry with each other. And their realization that love is not the only thing that takes to get happily married with parent’s blessings. The movie brings out cultural shocks and diversity in India, which is a reality. What I liked about the movie is it is fast paced. Every song and every frame takes the movie forward. Editing is good. Example, when Vikram Malhotra (Ronit Roy) Krish’s (Arjun Kapoor) dad, writes a letter to him, that letter appears as a voice over between a song and Krish is shown struggling to win his to-be in-laws hearts in Chennai. Story is built and moved in parallel. At various places you are glued to the screen and I did not find any moment where my mind went elsewhere.

Talking about songs and music, very catchy and peppy. There is even a Tamil-Hindi fusion song that you could enjoy.

Arjun Kapoor as Krish and Alia Bhatt as Ananya have done full justice to the respective roles. It never appears that they were acting. They embraced the characters and presented well. Between the two, I would give one extra mark to Ananya for her expressions. Rohit Roy is as usual good in his acting and reminds of a role he played in the movie Udaan that of a difficult dad. Amrita Singh as a Punjabi mom of Krish fitted in the role naturally and makes a mark. Overall the casting worked for the movie.

Few small things that I liked were display of ‘Samsung’ brands (laptops and phones) instead of Apple because Applisation is yet to happen in India. Just to portray protagonists up-class, if a MacBook is shown with them, it appears fake. Krish is shown working in Yes Bank; thank god it wasn’t another ICICI Bank or a HDFC Bank sponsorship. Amrita Singh plays Punjabi mom giving Kiron Kher a break. All this brought freshness in the movie. The only disturbing scene, for me, was when Krish slaps his dad in rage, due to everyday atrocities his dad did with Krish's mother. It was demand of the situation but it was a bit too much for me.

The movie will always remain special for me because this was the first one for my 5 months old son and he did allow us to watch complete movie, he himself was enjoying.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Enjoyable, fast paced and fun film. Good to watch.

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