Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mayura Restaurant : Such a delight!

First time I went to Mayura was with my brother-in-law, sister and their two little kids. Just going by the name, it doesn't sound really funky restaurent and doesn't make you feel hungry. Located on the East Coast Road where you would find at least another 20 restaurants if not less, adjacent to each other on the same lane. My brother-in-law parked his four wheeler and we were on our mission. Outside the restaurant, it read 'Mayura : Authentic Indian Chinese restaurent'. As we entered, we were greeted and offered a table.

The ambiance was rather average to good kind I would say. Plain, simple, minimal. Played Bollywood songs. On the menu, you would find host of dishes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Actually it is a delight if you have such a variety in a typical Chinese speciality restaurant. I only felt that Menu Cards were old and tornout and need some fresh look. We clicked and laughed till the time we were served.

And boy! the food came quickly, in good quantity and hot. The aroma was perfect and we got busy. The dishes were really good. Whatever we tried, tasted awesome. In third bite, I decided I am coming back here again and that was surely a place I can recommend.

As decided, I did visit there again and this time with my better half. The experience was the same - Great! My wife thoroughly enjoyed the food and we had good time. Now, when we think of eating authentic Indian Chinese in Singapore, no other restaurant comes closer to Mayura!

Infact I recommended it to few of my office colleagues also. My colleges had non-vegetarian dishes and they liked it. They liked the food and I was happy that it worked well. I thought as if I was the chef and I won something big.

On Food: Tastes awesome. 
Quantity: Big. One dish for example Gobi Manchurian serves 3 easily. 
Quality: Preparation is fresh, served by heart. 
Price: Truly value for money, you will come out with a happy face.
Ambience: Average
Service: Quick, polite, well mannered.
Rating: 8.5 (It could easily become 9 if they work little bit on the ambience.)

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: The post is all about food and I am feeling hungry now! Hats off to the operator who has a courage enough to serve Indian Chinese speciality at a place where chinese food can be found in abundance!

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