Saturday, 5 March 2011

Beautiful Gift of Life!

“I reached near the scanner machine in my office. I found that it was not working. Hesitantly I requested to one of the colleagues sitting close to scanner that if she could help me with that scanner. I told her that I had to scan some important documents and it was a bit urgent.

That beautiful lady looked at me and realising the urgency of matter, she got up from her work station. In the next moment she was checking the scanner. I prayed hard in my mind to fix that scanner quickly, as I had to mail my documents to the prestigious IIM - K college. I hoped that things would just work out fine in moments. And it did.

I thanked her for readily providing me her helping hand. “I am Nivedita. My pleasure” she smiled and was out of my sight in moments.

I was in a hurry. I scanned all my mark sheets and certificates and mailed to the college address. Then I left the office hastily to prepare myself for the moment of my life. The big day. The then next day I was having my interview with the eminent panel of IIM - K college for MBA admissions.

30 minutes later, when Nivedita was leaving from her work place, she found that scanner was left on by me. Being particular about small small stuff, she put it off herself and as she was leaving she found corner of a document poking outside the scanner machine. She lifted the panel and read the document. “Aaryan Jain, IIT B – Final Year Mark sheet.”

"IIT Bombay and yet so careless attitude!” She thought.

Realising that the document could be important for me she decided to go back to her work station and search for my details in the company employee directory. “Seven ‘Aaryan Jain’ found” The system displayed output. Three working in Mumbai office. Two in the Powai office, Mumbai. “Oh one is a senior associate, but he didn’t look like” she thought and then finally she was left with one option and that was me. She got my desk number. Knowing the fact that I might have left for the day, she still gave it a try.

“Hello, is this Aaryan?”Nivedita asked, not sure with whom she was talking.

“This is Swapnil. Aaryan has left for the day; I sit in a cubicle next to his.” A heavy voice beamed.

“This is Nivedita. Aaryan has left one important document near scanner machine. This could be needed urgently by him. Can you give his number so that I can inform him?” She kept it short as she was also getting late for home. 

“This is his number. If you are unable to get through him, you can get back to me.” And the phone went blank.

Nivedita gave me a call. I was clueless as I never realised of my stupidity. The first 30 minutes, only she was speaking, rather shouting on me for not putting the scanner off and then being careless blah blah. I was happy that I would get my document, I was feeling lucky, I was also feeling stupid over my careless attitude and then silly over giving trouble to Nivedita. And then nervousness gripped me realising that the then 12 hours away, I would be facing the moment of my life. I told her that I had an interview next day and I was to carry that document with me. Then I asked her where she was staying. It was far from my place and also from where I had interview. It was not feasible for me to go back to office and collect due to time constraint. I requested her that if she could come to NM college next day morning around 10 AM to hand over the document. I was feeling awkward and I am sure she also felt so. But I guess that was the best option I could find out that time. At the back of my mind I knew she might agree as next day was a Saturday which meant an off from office. I made a small prayer.

She was reluctant and she wanted to shout at me. But realising nothing could be done then and probably I had a big interview next day, she agreed and banged the phone.  I felt bad and then good at the same time.
Next day, I met her at the NM college. She gave me my document and wished me good luck. I was expecting that she would again shout but probably she was more understanding than me. I smiled with rejoice and offered to have a lunch with her after my interview. I knew that she had come from far and it would be almost lunch time, by the time I would have finished my interviews.

We went to Pizza Hut. She was very angry, she scolded me for 20 minutes and I listened to her patiently. I was analysing her. She was pretty, prettier when she was angry. I admired her concern for me. We became friends. Good friends. I got into IIM - K. Probably she brought me all the luck. We exchanged our likes and dislikes. We dated for next 2 years.  I completed by studies and got a cool offer from Coco Cola Company. And then we got married. 

Now sleep, it is already late. You both have schools tomorrow. 
Eyes close. Sleep well, good night.” and the light went off.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: In the journey of life, we never know who will touch us, when and how. Life holds gifts for us, it is for us to realise and make the most of it.


  1. beautifullll story :D well narrated.
    indeed we never know what life would bring :)

  2. thts so true... you never who what life has to offer you... lovely story

  3. Superlike!! U rock again dude!! :)

  4. really nice story :) :)
    but i am sure it is only is beautiful but never picture perfect

  5. Reading this story, has once again proved that "happy endings" are present. Karan, hope this is not your story in fiction mode.

    Joy always,

  6. @Rajlakshmi: Thanx a lot! You are bang on...

    @Virgo: Thanx for the appreciation!

    @Suman: Good to know that you liked it! :)

  7. @simply me: Yes it is a fictional story. Life is beautiful and I think it is a perfect picture also. Not that I am interested in perfection because the last perfect man who walked on the earth was crucified, but Life is a perfect picture. It is matter of time how much and what we are trying to capture! Depends on the horizon...! :)

    @Susan: Happy Ending indeed exists which leads to a new beginning. No this isnt my story...this is purely fictional. I am yet to decide when I want to share my true story! :)

  8. That's a great moment in ur life!! sooperb.. :)



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