Saturday, 4 December 2010

There is always a Hope...

“You can’t do this to me! You gave me a life and now…!” shouted Radhika appearing in Rajesh’s room out of nowhere.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Rajesh was stunned looking at a stranger entering his room and shouting at him. He stared at her for a while. He was meeting her for the first time yet her presence made him feel as if he knew her.

Rajesh kept his pen down and closed his book.

“You don’t know me?” asked Radhika with broken heart.

Rajesh gulped water from the glass kept on his table staring her from the corner of his eyes. He tried to recall but it didn’t help.

“Pardon me but not that I can recall you now! Please reveal the identity!” Rajesh replied with a guilt appearing on his face.

“I stay at Vasant kunj. I am doing engineering in Mumbai. I like Saamy… Need I say anything more?” replied Radhika looking in Rajesh’s eyes.

“But how did you come here?” Rajesh pinched himself so as to check if he is dreaming or something.

“You are my creator. You took so much effort. You gave me such a beautiful life. Now why do you need to do this to me? All I am asking you is to give me my Saamy! Can you do that, please!” Radhika said to Rajesh and a tear rolled down her eyes.

Rajesh Purohit is a famous writer. He was busy writing his latest novel. He was writing the climax of the novel when the protagonist of the novel Radhika appeared before him.

“Sir, you gave me such an wonderful life. I thoroughly enjoyed my life… my friends… my parents… the struggle and the winning attitude that you gave me… but now as I am standing at the crossroads, it is time I get the love of my life!”

“Dear Radhika, you had been such a sport all this way. S Swaminarayan (Saamy) is a good friend of yours but he is a South Indian. And Aayush is your parent’s choice. Not just he fits in culturally but also he is charming and already won your parents heart. Try and understand.”

“And I like Saamy!” shouted Radhika. She composed herself and told her creator, “Aayush is a nice guy. I like him. He is a good friend but the chemistry which I share with Saamy can’t be matched. If you are trying to say that he being a south Indian and I being a Punjabi, cant marry, isn’t it such a conservative thought. The world is moving and changing every moment and here you are making your protagonist to suffer based on caste! Make this novel a landmark novel. You need to be open minded!”

“And what about the readers?” asked Rajesh with a puzzled face.

“Trust me they would enjoy it all the more. After all what matters is good people and not caste. It is we humans who have created casteism in the society and it is the learned like you who can help in changing the society’s psyche.”

“And your parents?”

“Ahhh… you are the creator of my parents too. You are the almighty! A twist is what is required and you are an expert!” replied Radhika cheerfully.

The novel went on to become a best seller in a month’s time. Mr. Purohit went on to receive several awards for addressing such a crucial issue existing in society through his book. The society needs to be freed from the hatred among the people because of different castes.That award night he thanked Radhika for defining the moment of his life!

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: It is absurd to differentiate human beings based on caste, culture or tradition. Love human beings not the name or race he is associated with. It is the humanness that matters.


  1. Nice..but a Punjabi girl named Radhika..

  2. welcome back!! Break ke baad !! :)

  3. i wish i wish someone could change my story too ... like this one... wonderful story

  4. wonderful story...wish our creator too had been the famous writer naming Rajesh and nt God seldom listens us.:(

    hey welcome back after a long time..keep on posting ur food for thoughts:)

  5. @Tarun: That's the whole point... Why exist in the boundaries of name and caste...

    @Suman: Thnx a lot!

    @Rajlakshmi: We always hope for the thing that we don't have rather we should make the most of what we are and have today! ;)

    @Rohini: Our creator is a lot better than Rajesh... you need not to tell him what to do... he decides and make us do!

    Thnx everyone for liking it! :)

  6. nice way of expressing ur thoughts..
    very creative !

  7. very very creative karan...the way you have expressed your thoughts...hats off yaar..

  8. Very nice story, thanks for sharing:)

  9. What a comeback!! I loved loved loved this story...:)



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