Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Jab We Met! Indiblogger meet, Mumbai...

I saw her. She was standing at quite a distance from me. I was surprised to see her, I wasn’t expecting her. I stared her again to make sure that I was not imagining and she was actually there. Oh! Yes! She was actually there. A gush of excitement rushed through my bloodstream. I started moving towards her. Huge crowd was standing on my way but I managed to get through. In moments I was standing right next to her. Two guys were talking pic with her. So I waited for my turn. I cursed myself for not carrying camera. It was my turn. She was stunningly beautiful. Tall and mesmerizing. I was a bit hesitant. And by the time I could move closer, a bunch of people flocked infront of me to talk pic with her. I waited. And then I decided that I am taking the next turn. She was holding a cup of tea and was about to sip through it. I patiently admired her and allowed to enjoy that sip. “Gul, can I have your autograph please?” and I pushed paper and pen. “Sure”, smilingly she replied and two sweet dimples appeared on her cheeks. “Gosh she is prettier than what she appears to be on the big screen!” my mind said to me.

I was at Hotel Sea Princesses, Juhu, Mumbai. The occasion was Indiblogger Mumbai meet. A meet where 250 bloggers from Mumbai came, saw and conquered. Virtuality met reality. I met so many people who follow my blog and regularly comment and also people whom I follow.

As I reached there, I really didn’t know what to expect. Initial few minutes were grueling. I went alone and didn’t know anybody. But as time passed I started conversing with people and the ball was set in motion. One of the segments of the event was to introduce oneself and brief about their blog in 29 secs. It was kind of fun listening to people and I admit some of them were too good. The story teller or the guy who had a breakoff, they gave wackiest introduction I guess. In another segment we were given a big cardboard attached with a string. We were supposed to wear it with card hanging on our back and ask people to write comments on that cardboard – kind of you scratch my back, I scratch yours! (I used same cardboard to take Gul Panag’s autograph).

It was time; I had to take pic with Gul. So I went to my photographer blogger friend magiceye. “Hello Sir, I want a pic with Gul but I am not carrying camera.” I said to him with a puzzled face, smiling hoping he agrees to take my pic. “Oh sure, why not!” he replied. We moved towards Gul. She was sitting with someone. “Hey Gul, would you mind a pic with me?” I said and I knew she won’t mind. In next few seconds I was standing right next to her, smiling and magiceye talking a shot. First click. “No wait it hasn’t come good” magiceye said. And then he took I guess 35-40 secs for adjusting camera settings and we were standing with a smile on our face. And after 40 secs, he said to Gul, “I think he wants to be with you for some more time!” and we broke into laughter. He took final click in next second and I thanked both of them.

Then was an interesting session. Gul Panag was the moderator and the house was divided into two groups - the Youngistan with age less than 27 years and the senior citizens with 27+ age. We were discussing the role played by bloggers in the education system. How we bloggers have made a difference in the society where media is generally biased and doesn’t represent the complete society. It was a good session with both sides did try to outsmart each other. But I was amazed by Gul herself. This beauty has brains too! Her perspective and knowledge was very sound. Each time she spoke, she was adding a new dimension to the subject. People got so much involved in the session that Renie, the Indiblogger founding member and the team had to forcefully rap up session. And then it was time to screen ‘Soch Lo’ movie, before its release, especially for the bloggers. It was first of its kind promotion strategy. I was glued to the movie for most of the time, just that I missed the popcorn!

All in all it was a fabulous experience to meet people whom I knew virtually till that day. Kudos to the team of Indibloggers for putting up such an eventful show. Kudos to all the bloggers for their active participation.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: For those who aren’t into blogging, start one; you never know with whom you would meet luck by chance! Will I be seen pairing with Gul in my first movie, who knows! And those who are already into it, don’t miss any blogger’s meet! :)


  1. that was a lovely post on the meet!

  2. Wow! That sounds fab! The Chennai meet wasn't as lovely as yours. Did you get an Indiblogger T-shirt? They gave all of us one in Chennai. Movie and all. Bad, bad. Let me contact Renie and Anwin now . . .

    Nice review of the meet but the last few lines . . .

    Joy always,

  3. Seems like more than bloggers meet it is Gul meet :P heehee J/k

    btw, why didn't you put the pic ?!!!!

  4. buddy, you had to write to this post na! :) ;) I hope indiblogger organizes as much happening meet in Delhi

  5. @magiceye: Thnx a lot. You helped in making it more beautiful!

    @Susan: Oh yes they gave us T-shirts also...last few lines? Did you see 'Luck By Chance' movie? You could have related to what I am talking abt...

    @Juhi: Thnx a lot for the pics! :)

    @Purba: Yup... lot of bloggers wrote complete itinerary...so I thought to present it differently. :)

  6. @Lakshmi: It was icing on the cake... just to maintain low profile... lol

    @Pallavi: Yeah, I had to...lol... hope it happens in this fashion at Delhi also...

  7. Gul surely attracted lot of attention! Hahahaha... so hope you have learnt the lession. Next time onwards whenever you go for a gathering, do carry your camera :) you never know whom you would meet :)

  8. I too enjoyed the meet, thanks for sharing.

  9. Gosh..u mum ppl get so many chances of this meet men....i too want to be a part of these meetings...
    For GUl..ya sure she is very gorgeous and u r really llucky to stand for about 40+ sec's with her..
    and next...put that pic here...we all want to see her with her dimples...:)
    And next time take ur camera along with u..every time magic eye cant be there...:)

  10. you stood with her .....twice that too over a min.....and you didn't faint.........i would have, for sure

    i wish i was ther....huge Gul fan....if i was ther....bhaad mein jaaye meet.....i would have ogled at her throughout the meet.....aahhhh

  11. wow a chance meeting with Gul :D hey photo bhi laga dete :)
    you have really enjoyed the meet... have been reading abt it in akmost all blogs :)

  12. Good one!!! I was there at meet too!! So I know how you FEEL. Gosh!!! Uff!!

  13. Great post...full of pure enjoyment!
    Did you forget to post the photo with GUL?

  14. great experience... Keep blogging..:)

  15. Lovely post, thanks for sharing with us!

  16. Why haven't you shared the pic with Gul? I think she's pretty & sensible too :) I'll pray for you to get a breakthrough in Bollywood soon. That way, I can claim to know someone phamouss! ;)

  17. Mohan: I have surely learnt the lesson :)

    Sailin: Good to see you here! Thnx.

    rohini: Yeah you are right the spirit in mumbai is really high. I would definitely carry a camera next time onwards...and Gul yeah the dimples adds to the beauty...

    Hitesh Rawat: Lol! I managed somehow...

    Rajlakshmi: Yeah it was a good event...next time I will upload pic too :)

  18. Abhishek: Wow! You were there... so you know how it felt!

    Nalini: Thnx a lot! I intentionally didnt post it :)

    Gazal: Thnx a lot!

    Marinela: Thnx...my pleasure in sharing!

    lostworld: Wow! That sounds so cool! You mean to say time for Ranbir and Shahid to pack up! heheheh...

  19. Interesting !i too like Gul Panag a lot,she seems cute.After reading your post now i know that she is beauty with brains.
    Karan ,so when are you signing up a movie with her.Good luck !

  20. Kavita: Soon hopefully! I have date problems currently! lol

    Juhi: Wow! I loved my caricature... thnx for sharing! Awesome is the word! :)



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