Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Challenging yourself...

Akhilesh, Puneet and Swapnil are three friends who cannot tolerate presence of each other at all. Yet they are friends, mostly conflicting. They have great understanding between them, yet they seldom co-existed for long. It was more of adaption rather than liking. It was more of familiarity rather than fondness. The uniqueness in their relation was they always knew their thought processing is different. Right from the childhood, they studied in same school and studied same subjects. However, they differed after schools. Puneet studied commerce in graduation and then secured masters degree in business administration. Akhilesh and Swapnil did engineering and then secured their MBA degrees.

Puneet is an introvert, cute and “good” guy. Take home and make your parents meet material, in short a marriage material. Akhilesh, handsome and rich. A lady- charmer, girls chase him for his intelligence and well settled future. But he is after realizing his dreams, dreams to become richer and richer and for him means are as important as the ends. Swapnil had this knack of doing right things at right time. An entrepreneur by nature always wanting to sell his dreams to the world.

Incidentally, Puneet met Akhilesh and Swapnil at a coffee shop - Café Coffee Day, their all time favorite. They greeted each other out of courtesy. Puneet ordered for Café Mocha, Akhilesh – Café Latte and Swapnil – Devil’s Own.

Akhilesh broke the silence. “Hey Puneet dude, how is your work going? Same company, last three years! The recession is over man. Markets have improved and competitors are offering much more than what you are getting currently! Switch from your company and see your package sky rocketing! I feel bad about your current situation. Common man.” Mockingly Akhilesh delivered his speech staring at Puneet.

Before Puneet could say anything, Swapnil interrupted Akhilesh, “I completely disagree with Akhilesh. Remember the stories that you told me about you wanting to start your restaurant? What about it man? You planned so much? Entrepreneurship is in your blood! I don’t like you working for somebody else. It is time for you to take a plunge from the mundane “job” and venture out of your own. You have your restaurant plans ready since last five years and you told me that you would be starting it after your management degree. In fact I was so much impressed just by looking at the detailing done by you. I can guarantee you, if you execute your plans, it would be a great hit!”

Puneet was listening quietly waiting for his turn to defend himself. “Akhilesh, I don’t want to run after companies. The current company has been good to me and taken good care of me in difficult recession times. I don’t want to betray it now. And in the first place, you know, this is not what I want to do! I am always looking to set up my own restaurant. Yeah Puneet you are right. But I think I want more time and need more money in place before I begin in big way. May be few onsites and then I am off to chase my dreams!”

“Switch and make more money in less time. Take onsite from new company. You are in business; don’t be sentimental for the current company! Don’t be emotional fool!” Akhilesh explained, banging his coffee mug on the table. “And you are losing time, in your waiting game. Start your restaurant and start building it slowly and steadily. It takes around a decade for any new business to get set and evolve in to big one!” claimed Swapnil promptly.

By this time, Puneet was completely confused! Perplexed and unsure, he became angry. All the three started defending themselves and making it difficult for Puneet to explain his situation. Puneet’s state of mind became rather baffled. The loud music of Café Coffee Day actually started dancing in-front of him. Full of rage and anger he pushed Akhilesh and Swapnil hard, indicating them to leave the place. The two got up and left immediately, abruptly, unconvinced, determined to visit him again afterwards. Puneet started pulling his hairs in despair and anguish.

After 24 mins, a waiter came close to Puneet’s table, picked up the only coffee mug lying and cleared the table. He placed the bill for Café Mocha, the only coffee ordered for the table since Puneet came to the coffee shop.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: Isn’t it difficult to deal with your own conflicting thoughts bouncing on you at the same time?


  1. hey man, i think u need to elaborate on 'food for thought...otherwise the story was cool, once i started, i couldn't stop reading!

  2. I thought he went on a psychotic break...having multiple personalities..
    Yes we all have conflicting thoughts but if we sit down and check the pro and cons it becomes easier to take a decision :)

  3. @$.RYN.$: Thnx dude you liked it. The food for thought section is made for the same reason, to let the readers think and interpret. If I explain the situation or elaborate, it would be an anti-climax! Appreciate your views!

    @LP: So correct. You got that right.

    @Indli: Thnx for the aprreciation!

  4. It happens when our heart and mind is looking for the truth....

    Nice story !

  5. ur question makes me think!!
    tho i cant get a clear answer :P
    u r a smart story-teller!!

  6. Deep thoughts, straight story- a perfect combination to make it an engrossing read. Mind over matters :) happens with the best of us… but eod I make my own destiny, I don’t owe an explanation to anyone for what I do and how I go about it till the time I am happy with the pace and on track!

    Ps: I got misguided with the title of yr blog- thought it would talk numbers and finance, glad I dropped by!

  7. @Kavita: Thnx a lot!

    @sakhii••: Thnx a lot for the appreciation.

  8. @Pallavi: Yeah it all boils down to "I make my own destiny, I don’t owe an explanation to anyone", whatsoever!

    Nice to see your comments, thnx for dropping by!



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