Wednesday, 17 March 2010

You will google, the way you never thought…

Be it meaning, information, places, maps, etc, we google it. “Google” has become synonymous with “search” on the internet. A fantastic company founded by Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page. It is now hard to imagine world without google. Gone are the days when I use to issue 10s of books from library, photo coping few of them and taking long notes, to complete school assignments. Today, we google it! But things doesnt look encouraging for google, going forward.

It all started in 1980s. Apple computers introduced Macintosh, the first commercially successful small computer with a graphical user interface. He naively discussed the operating system with Bill Gates. And as matter of fact and in the words of Steve Jobs, “…And since Windows just copied the Mac…” It was the brain child of Jobs but Bill Gates successfully copied and marketed it with Microsoft label, making huge fortune. But still Apple is far more superior when it comes to performance, processing, experience. From Hollywood to Bollywood, film making, processing, high digital stuff, etc would not have been possible, had it not been Apple. It is the “Rolls Royce” of IT industry. Steve Jobs made a mistake of sharing knowledge. He was betrayed and Microsoft became far bigger company than Apple.
History repeats itself. Steve Jobs is betrayed again.
Apple and Google are pioneers in their ambit of offerings. One has proved marvels in computer, operating system, music and phone industry while other is leader in search engine. Their path never crossed. Their mission was to limit Bill Gates and Microsoft till PC and do not dominate the online and phone business. Steve Jobs committed same mistake again. He invited Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, to join Apples Inc’s board. They worked together to ensure that iPhone has Google as default search engine. Google quietly built Andriod, an operating system for smart phones. Launched it on phones with HTC and Motorola, directly competing with Mac OS. Then it introduced the Nexus One, its flagship phone designed in close collaboration with HTC, which carried some of the designs and features like the patented multi-touch feature of iPhone. Google has challenged Apple Inc, by copying the very own features of iPhone. Schmidt did what Bill Gates did, two decades ago.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: I trust Steve Jobs, you will google, the way you never thought. Whenever this man has been challenged, the world has been blessed with out of box, state of the art, industry changer product. Be it ipod, iphone, itunes, ipad or the App music store. This guy will introduce an application, I am not limiting the scope by saying a search engine, an application that will change the way we search. I cannot think what it will be like but it will surely see Google scratching its head.


  1. Interesting. it is now time for new invention to hit the market.

  2. The word search and research can be replaced with 'Google' in the dictionary!

  3. @Rajesh: Yes sir, in a year or so, there would be one, definitely.

    @Nalini: At the moment, yes. But not very long. Google challenged Apple by entering its core business and Steve Jobs isnt amongst to sit and watch. He will hit back hard!

  4. wow,, great news....thnx for letting people kn....



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