Friday, 22 January 2010


We get to see Maharashtra politician in the media, more often these days and for the wrong reasons and dirty politics. When I say dirty politics, I know that politics is meant to be dirty, cutting each other, backstabbing, moaning, pleading, killing, hugging, blowing, tugging, smoking, snorting, shooting, stealing but when I get to hear the "Marathi Language or Marathi Manoos" topics, I feel sad about the new lows our Indian politics is hitting.

Mararashtra is a state with great history, land of braves who fought for Independance, equality, justice. The only worth brand ambassador of the country "Sachin Tendulakar", hails from the same state. My heart sinks when you hear, "Only Marathi people will be given new taxi licenses and marathi people means domicile of Maharashtra for 15 years and should have knowledge of Marathi", "80% reservation for marathi people in private and public corporates", "Use marathi, when in maharashtra", etc. Politicians actually need to go to some kind of school, where they are taught their roles and responsibilities and how to execute them. They need to learn few lessons about clean governance.

Why Mr Chavan has retreated from his statement of giving taxi licenses to "Only marathi" to "Marathi, Hindi and Gujrati" speaking peole? Possible explaination could be Marathi being state language and Hindi being the national, then why gujrati? Because it might hurt the sentiments of gujratis who play major role in investments in mumbai, who drives the economy of the state to a large extent! I feel pity of such politician! Development, roads, infrastructure, education, power, food, inflation, water...there are n number of issues to resolve but seems Marathi is there favourite! It is easier to play emotional cards and lure we, the foolish voters!

This marathi and reservation issue is spreading n number of diseases in the society: To name a few:
1. The way of our thinking has changed. We dont confront openly to people but at the back of our mind, "he is gujrati, he is marwadi, he is marathi...ohk he is from bihar, etc" goes on.
2. The level of corruption will reach to new highs due to reservations.
3. The competitive spirit will decrease and it will encourage buttering and babu giri.
4. People will focus more on ends rather than means. It is always the case, but such measures will promote ir further.

Imagine a situation if Sardarji's are denied to run taxis in UK or AUS. If mallu's are denied work outside Kerala. I dont wont to hurt anybody's sentiments but if people come to maharashtra, leaving their family behind, sacrificing so much just to work and if they have to face such ugly politics, I wonder what will happen 20 years hence.


  1. "Only Marathi people will be given new taxi licenses and marathi people means domicile of Maharashtra for 15 years and should have knowledge of Marathi",

    what is wrong in this ????

  2. Why, people who are willing to leave their families behind and migrate to mumbai just to work, be deprived of license, just because of language! Till yesterday there was no complain, today suddenly people woke up.

    Giving license or not should be decided on the basis of how well they can drive the taxi!
    Merit of a person should win, rest all is crap and dirty politics!



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