Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Election (India) 2009 - Testing my Optimism!!!

The more I see them...the more I hate them.
I am talking about Indian politicians who are going to rule the country the way they want. As they do rallies, do press conferences and debates on television... the more they are exposed.

There should not be more than 3 national parties to being with. The regional parties, which count more than 20 in number, is the fact in world's biggest and vibrant democracy. But, what hurts is no leader has clear agenda. They do not have road map for how the country will look like 10 years 20 years the economy will perform...what will be the export import contribution...the and security.

What they are concerned is of forming a government, getting portfolios in the central ministry. Ultimately we will get a coalition government with 10s of regional parties hogging to ruin the country. I am not pessimistic but the way politics is going on, tests my optimism. For instance, we need huge investments in infrastructure projects and sustaining the on going projects. If a bill is passed by the cabinet, who takes the responsibility to implement it. The concerned minister may belong to party A. The project geography might be ruled by some minister of party B. The two might have their own vested interests. Having gone through, the project then has to pass various other ministeries at different levels of completion and finally hitting a road block...because the ministers were kind enough to gulp project funds. The project goes on reviewed by a panel, funds approved with a delay...increasing the overall project cost and reducing the effeciency of final product...

There are N number of examples which surrounds us...mocking at us because of the wrong candidate elected by us...may be due to lack of choice or our ignorance.

The more I am writing on the issue, the early I want to complete the post...Indian politics doesnt inspire...We need change!!!


  1. About the elections this year, everyone feared that da 3rd front will form a government (much to everyone's dismay)beacuse of congress' lack of results and BJP' lack of leadership. But then that did not happen, giving us all (who give a damn) new hope. But like China doesn't fail to give positive growth, Indian politicians do not fail to dissapoint. So yes, we do need a positive change- BUT ONE THAT CAN BE SUSTAINED!!

  2. We did get positive change in terms of government - without major co-alition. So, now congress should be able to fulfill promises made while campaigning. But the way its ruling, food prices going up and infra hardly moving ahead...I am not hope of what India will be 5 year hence...when this government rule ends, if atall it sustains for 5 years.



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