Sunday, 5 April 2009

AIRCEL: Another "Big Boy" in the making!

I have been pushed to ponder again and again of the company with long ads aired on television with Dhoni trying to sell the features of the service provider. The ad isnt impressive, though the desperation of the company to get accepted by masses is very much visible.
So, is another "Big Boy" in the telecom industry in the making???


The Aircel Group is a joint venture between Maxis Communications Berhad of Malaysia and Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd of India, with Maxis Communications holding a majority stake of 74%.

Aircel commenced operations in 1999 and became the leading mobile operator in Tamil Nadu within 18 months. In December 2003, it launched commercially in Chennai and quickly established itself as a market leader – a position it has held since.

The company has now stepped out of its comfort zone and into the big league by aiming to make itself a national player.

I think the company has got its initial foot right. It needs to be aggressive in marketing. It has to provide better connectivity and services in order to come anywhere close to the likes of Airtel, Reliance and Idea. If the company is able to add subscribers month on month at a health rate, it might attract lot of investors putting their confidence.

With Dhoni as brand ambassador, company has been able to make the brand heard. Now, what would be worth watching is does the brand get recognised and accepted by the masses.


  1. In a market as cluttered as telecom, advertising becomes such an important tool of communication. So, if advertising is about making people sit up and take notice Aircel seems to have got it right.

    They seem geared by to expand on a war footing.

  2. You are correct Jaspreet. Its about getting noticed but what is worth watching is does Aircel gets accepted!



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