Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi, hairan hoo mein...

“What’s there in your tiffin boxes today?” Raju asked excitedly to bunch of his friends after the morning prayer was over. Raju was the fattest guy in his class and probably the only motivation for him to live was to eat, eat and eat. Everyday his first questions to his friends use to be about the lunch box contents.

“Veg biryani”
“Pav Bhaji”
“Pasta with Sun dried tomatoes”

“Wow, I am gonna have a feast today also! We will share and eat. OK? You guys can have my lunch box. I have brought ‘Roti-Sabji, as usual. My mother is very health cautious. I love you guys for bringing such good food”, responded delighted Raju after listening to the food items he was going to have in lunch.

“Sampat what did your mother gave? Yesterday also you ran away without answering!” enquired Raju.
Sampat ran away from there without speaking anything.

Sampat had recently joined his new school. He was in class 4th. The earlier school was only up to 7thstandard, so it was decided to admit him in new school which was up to 10thclass. He use to roam alone in school and never talked much with classmates. He didn’t have any friend.

It was Mother’s Day. English teacher Mrs. Deshpande gave an assignment to write a letter to their mother expressing their love towards her.

“The best letter would be displayed at School notice board”, declared Mrs. Deshpande. All the faces brightened up and students got busy in writing letter.

Sampat was adjudged the winner. Not for the use of correct grammar or correct spellings but for expressing his emotions and the bravery he displayed. The letter read as:

“Dear Aaii,
I know this letter will never reach to you because it is just an assignment. But still today I want to tell you how much I miss you. Sheetal tells me that her mom combs her hair every day. She gives her hot food when she reaches home.  Her mom listens to her for hours as to what all happened that day in school, which teacher taught what, who got punishments, who won race in sports period. Kunal told me that since he is not able to tie shoe lace, his mom does it for him. Ajit’s mom plays video game with him, Gaurav’s mother forces him to drink complete glass of milk in the morning otherwise he gets scolding. When Sujata is not well, her mom feeds food to her with her own hands…

Mummy, we also talk every day. I wait all day long for your call. As a good mother you call me every day. You ask me if I had lunch and dinner at proper time, have I done my homework, am I studying properly or not. You tell me to score good marks so that dad will give me gifts. You also ask me if I am troubling nana-nani, am I listening to them or not, do I trouble them in getting up. You ask everything to which I reply mostly in yes or no.

Dear mummy, someday I would like you to listen me out and not just answers to your questions. Zillions of questions run through my mind, I want to ask you and look at your facial expressions; I want to hug you and cry in your lap. I want kiss on my cheeks and not just from the receiver of the phone.

I love you very much. More than Sheetal, Raju, Kunal and Gaurav do to their mom. And tell papa I will study well and score good marks. I just want to be with you.
Shonu (Sampat)"

There were tears in Mrs. Deshpande’s eyes. She couldn’t control her emotions. At once she discussed the issue with school principal. Sampat’s Mother and father were called and were handed the letter. His mother could not believe what her son wrote. It didn’t require second thought for her to decide what to do.

A letter changed Sampat’s life and his wish of staying with parents came true.

fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: The story is fictional but the situation in real. The other day, I heard somebody known has sent her kid to nana-nani’s place as both parents are working and they don’t want to put their child in day care. I think for a child, childhood is the time when his personality is shaped. Character is built when we are really small. The surroundings and experiences determine our outlook towards life. In today’s world, it does pose a question as to how to manage above situation. Adjustments are way of life. Let yourself adjust as your parents did and not your child!


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